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Did ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Just Get a New Title for Home Video?

Did 'Edge of Tomorrow' Just Get a New Title for Home Video?

There’s been no small amount of hand-wringing about “Edge of Tomorrow’s” lukewarm performance at the box office, especially among critics who loved the film. Many laid a substantial part of the blame at the feet of the movie’s utterly generic title, a pronounced shift from the far more colorful (if no more intelligible) “All You Need Is Kill” of its Japanese novel source. As “Edge” drew closer to opening, the slogan “Live Die Repeat” seemed to acquire a more and more prominent position in the movie’s ads, until it nearly supplanted the title itself.

With its upcoming Oct. 7 release to home video and download, it seems as if Warner Bros. has pulled the trigger and effectively allowed “Live Die Repeat” to supplant the movie’s real title. Here’s the Blu-ray artwork, which makes it seem like Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt costarred alongside an actor named “Edgeoftomorrow.” (“Please, call me Ed.”)

And here, via The Film Stage, is the iTunes listing, which actually refers to the movie as “Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow.”  

On iTunes, at least, it’s possible Warner Bros. is just covering its bets on the off chance people are genuinely confused about the movie’s name. But it will be interesting to see if the movie fares any better under a title that doesn’t sound like it belongs to a daytime soap opera.

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When this movie came out, there were so many other great movies at the time and my wife not being a Sci-Fi fan, I missed it at the theaters. I had no idea it was renamed and came out in October on DVD as "Live Die Repeat". I would have never known had I not stumbled across it in the Black Friday bargain bin for $1.97. Not only did the bad marketing screw it at the theater, it’s not even making good home sales two months after release. Too bad, cause I’m only about 30 minutes into it’s a great flick and I’d have spent the $20 for the wife and I to see it at the theater and I think she’d have enjoyed it.


It’s nothing to me but it’s earned about $370 Million so far. How is that bad?

John "Ratty" Arbuckle

Great movie, extremely poor title. "Live Die Repeat" is better. That's not saying much, though. Like saying Malaria is better than Amoebic Dysentry.

Ryan Nilsen

JUST when this movie received good word of mouth after that god-awful marketing campaign, they CHANGE the title!
Let's just confuse EVERYONE!


"Live Die Repeat" sounds as a better title to me. Great movie by the way.


Great movie


Live. Die. Repeat. reminds me of rinse wash repeat which is quite funny. I did not see this since there were parallels to Tom Cruise's Oblivion film which I liked. I think as rich as Mr. Cruise is he can stop playing the action hero and take better roles that come his way.




They're still marketing this all wrong. If they would have realized that Blunt's character carried the movie and if they would have marketed it that way, it would have done much better. They could have just called it "Full Metal Bitch."


So…you call your film something, and it has a low return at the box office. Then…you call a film something else and expect people to know that it's the same film? I'm not sure this is going to help at all. The film may make more $$ on home video, but I doubt the reason will be due to a change of title.

Killer Cage

It was originally a Japanese Military Light Science Fiction Novel, not a graphic novel. Get your facts straight, Mr. Adams


All You Need is Kill is still a better title. Live. Die. Repeat. is a great tagline, not a title. As a title, it could just as easily be a bad rom-com about reincarnation.

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