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Elisabeth Moss Eyed For ‘True Detective’ Season 2, Andrew Dominik Approached To Direct & More Plot Details Revealed

Elisabeth Moss Eyed For 'True Detective' Season 2, Andrew Dominik Approached To Direct & More Plot Details Revealed

The mystery surrounding the casting for the second season of “True Detective” is beginning to clear up. With Colin Farrell looking more certain for a lead role, and Vince Vaughn now in talks for the second of three lead roles, it appears that HBO is now focused on locking down an actress for that third part, for which a new name has surfaced.

According to The Wrap, “Mad Men” star Elisabeth Moss is being eyed alongside Michelle Forbes (“The Killing,” “True Blood,” “Chicago Fire“) for a key role. Both choices are fine by us, although in a pinch we’d go for Moss, in light of her strong “dark cop drama” chops in Jane Campion‘s outstanding miniseries “Top Of The Lake.”  Additionally, while plot points for the show emerged a couple of weeks back, the trade has unearthed even more details for the show’s second season.  

…the second season of “True Detective” will follow the death of Ben Caspar, the corrupt city manager of a fictional California city who’s found brutally murdered amid a potentially groundbreaking transportation deal that would forever change freeway gridlock in the state. Three law enforcement officers from different cities and branches of the government are tasked with finding out who did it. They soon discover their investigation has much broader and darker implications than they initially thought.
Caspar’s 52-year-old corpse is found on a lonely stretch of Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur — satanic symbols etched on his chest. It turns out he had a penchant for rough sex and may have been involved in the occult.

Intriguing stuff! If the Farrell/Vaughn/Moss trio is indeed cast, they’d be playing, respectively: Ray Velcoro of the California Highway Patrol; Frank Semyon, an entrepreneur looking to build a high speed rail system; and Ani Bezzerides, a troubled Monterey sheriff.

What remains completely up in the air is who will direct the show. The production schedule will not allow one director to run the entire season, but names are already being tossed in the ring, including William Friedkin who told us he’d had meetings for it. And while Andrew Dominik is said to have been approached, it’s unlikely in light of his “Blonde” project with Jessica Chastain.

So, Farrell/Vaughn/Moss, thoughts? Let us know below.

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Mr Anonymous

Can anyone explain why the production schedule won't allow one director to run the entire season like Season 1? What's different this time around?

Bit of a mistake if it's going to be different directors with their own vision for every single episode. Will it really all gel together?


The "True Detective" magic comes from having a single director with a vision shepherd the entire season. That's ultimately what elevated it above a sea of other great premium cable mysteries. While its fun to play Hollywood casting director with a list of known names, the brand of the series is "visionary/quality" not "$tarf*cker". The brand is much better off going with a single, visionary director (Dominik being a great choice) and a cast of great character actors (Richard Jenkins for example) and relative unknowns rather than having the tail wag the dog by scheduling around Colin Farrell's vacation plans.

There is nothing wrong with casting a star. Just not at the expense of the singular vision.

Sam Harnish

Looks like that dastardly villain, The Yella King, is up to his old tricks again!


Wonder if the story arc has something to do with Scientology? Would be weird and awkward for Moss…hmmm…


moss – yes. vaughn – yes. farrell – really hope not.

andrew dominik and william friedkin directing would be really great.


Also don't forget Forbes was a standout in a very dark story arc from the Battlestar reboot (and in Razor)

As perfectly summed up by Collider: If this ends up being the cast, the men may have more star power, but the women are more talented.


Is John Carter still in this?

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