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Exclusive: Trailer For Polygamy And Women’s Rights Documentary ‘Bitter Honey’

Exclusive: Trailer For Polygamy And Women's Rights Documentary 'Bitter Honey'

Polygamy and women’s rights might not seem like the most obviously parallel themes, but for director Robert Lemelson, they can’t be separated, via his upcoming documentaryBitter Honey.” And today we have the exclusive trailer for the movie, which shines a light into an obscure corner of the world.

The film follows three polygamous families in Bali, Indonesia, over a period of seven years, where psychological manipulation, infidelity, domestic violence, and economic hardship all play major roles. “I overcame some initial hesitance to start a project about polygamy because, trained as an anthropologist, I was reluctant to portray a kind of marriage that certain audiences might judge negatively,” Lemelson said in his director’s statement. “But I soon realized that the emotional stories these wives have to tell held a powerful message about the relationships between men and women and the ways social rules and structures can put women at a disadvantage—or even trap or subjugate them.”

Fascinating and undoubtedly important, this is a doc you’ll want to keep an eye out for. “Bitter Honey” opens in Los Angeles on October 3rd and in New York and several other cities on October 31st. Watch below.

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Tonia Tewell

I just reviewed the trailer for Bitter Honey. I love the light you are bringing to the reality of what these women often deal with. We are an organization that serves women in the U.S. with this very issue and would love to encourage you to please bring some good from this film and let the people know where they can help other women and children in this very same situation.

These polygamist's need the publics help!

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