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First Images Of Tom Hardy In BBC Gangster Series ‘Peaky Blinders’

First Images Of Tom Hardy In BBC Gangster Series 'Peaky Blinders'

As you get ready to bid “Boardwalk Empire” farewell this fall, there’s another period based gangster drama that could fill the void quite nicely. Getting ready to kick off its second season, BBC‘s “Peaky Blinders” is coming, and with a big star to boot: Tom Hardy. He’ll be joining his “Inception” and “The Dark Knight Rises” co-star Cillian Murphy in the show and the first, bearded pics of Hardy’s appearance in the series have arrived.

The program is based on the real life gang of the same name from Birmingham who rose to power after World War I. And the Steven Knight (“Locke,” hence the Hardy connection) penned series centers on the ambitions of leader Tommy Shelby and the opposition posed by Chief Inspector Chester Campbell. Once again, I have no idea why I haven’t made time for this show. But with Hardy onboard, going full grizzly and reportedly playing a bad guy, I am quickly running out of excuses.

“Peaky Blinders” airs this fall across the pond. Teaser and images below. [Shortlist]

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Unlike Boardwalk the central character is as interesting as the rest.


One for the "style" crowd– but "style" is what sells, right? Plenty of posing, "edgy" music, and gritty cinematography– along with completely unrelatable characters and a plot that really doesn't go all that far. Alternated between boredom and utter frustration watching season one; have already added season two to the "must miss" list. Pity: McCrory and Murphy are fine performers. Too bad the scripting was so thin.

M. Munroe

It is phenomenal. Deadwood calibre, easily, Game of Thrones intriguer, absolutely, the talent of Boardwalk Empire, undoubtedly. Worth the investment in time on all counts. Cillian Murphy is pitch perfect and with Tom Hardy being brought in, the quality of the character interactions is going to be stellar. As with most BBC pieces the production quality lends itself to historical programs as it does with Peaky Blinders. Airs in Ontario Canada on TMN.


Does anyone know how to (legally) watch this in the U.S.? I know the Weinsteins bought the U.S. rights, but there is no Region 1 Blu-Ray or DVDs for sale, and it's not Vudu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.


will this air in Ontario Canada?


is this show top quality like Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, or Thrones? i often find bbc productions lacking, no matter the genre. Orphan Black and Downton are just the pits.


Peaky Blinders is fenomenal! Adding Tom Hardy makes it even greater to watch!


ah, this is f#ckin awesome!!!

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