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FIRST LOOK: Mickey Mouse in “Captain Donald”

FIRST LOOK: Mickey Mouse in "Captain Donald"

It’s that time again – time for a new episode from that amazing series of Mickey Mouse Shorts running on Disney Channel (and subsequently all oner the internet.

Captain Donald will air on Friday, August 8th at 8:55 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. Paul Rudish directed this short and Joseph Holt is the art director, and we’ve got an exclusive 30-second advance clip (below).

In this short: Mickey’s eagerness to set sail on Donald’s boat leads him to reveal his deepest, darkest secret…he doesn’t know how to sail. Here’s how it goes down: 

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Dennis Tamayo

I didn't finish the scripts of Animaniacs Season 6 Episodes 3-101 because I watched recent videos of animaniacs20annivers on YouTube this year.


The YouTube description seems to suggest the short's real name is "Donald The Sailor".


I LOVE that trivia about Donald's sailor suit! :D The writing in this show!

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