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First Look Photo From Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’

First Look Photo From Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice'

Rather a lot of content from Entertainment Weekly‘s Fall Preview issue has been digitized in the last several hours by (evidently) super-nerds who can’t wait for magazine poobahs, studio marketeers and other old media stick-in-the-muds to get their act together. This means the first official image from Paul Thomas Anderson‘s hugely anticipated “Inherent Vice” is pretty small.

Nonetheless we get a look at Josh Brolin and Joaquin Phoenix in the Thomas Pynchon adaptation, and apparently it’s going to be just as bonkers as expected. “A piece of fruit plays a major role. It’s frozen. And it’s my friend,” Brolin told the magazine. “Even talking about it now makes me chuckle.” So yeah, WTF, and yes “The Long Goodbye” and Cheech and Chong are both cited as influences on the film.

“Inherent Vice” arrives in limited release on December 12th and goes wide on January 9, 2015. Pic below, and in case you’re wondering, the film runs 148 minutes long. [Collider/Cinema]

Update: A bigger version has arrived via EW.

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Sam Harnish

Dem sideburns…dat flat-top


Doesn't go wide until January? Sorry, Star Wars. You're now my second most anticipated film of next year.


Grampa Simpson – "Look at them sideburns! He looks like a girl. Now, Johnny Unitas, there's a haircut you could set your watch to."


Bring this the f*ck on.


Look at those Phoenix Chops! (and I don't mean the acting)


What is this, a picture for ants?


Haha. Awesome

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