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Ghana’s Oil Crisis Doc ‘Big Men’ Premieres On PBS’ POV August 25th

Ghana’s Oil Crisis Doc 'Big Men' Premieres On PBS' POV August 25th

As Tambay
said back in March regarding the documentary film Big Men (HERE), “we’re talking about black gold, AKA oil,
and the business of it – those who have it in abundance (and sometimes don’t
even realize it), and those who desire it (who also typically have the right
tools to obtain it), if only for the potential rewards (usually monetary) being
in control of it can generate.”

It’s an
ancient story that’s been repeated over and over again all over the world. It is the eternal
conflict of the ages between the powerful and the powerless, between the have and the

And that
conflict is at the core of Rachel Boynton’s documentary “Big Men,” which chronicles
what happens when a Texas oil exploration
firm makes an enormous discovery off the coast of Ghana, and the people of the
region who fight to protect their resources from exploitation eventually resorting to using violence.

But in “Big
Men,” the issue isn’t so clear cut. It’s no David vs Goliath story or some cliched
underdog triumphing over the bigger more powerful opponent narrative, and is instead a
much more complex story in which the filmmaker plays a more objective eye.

Now, after a
brief theatrical run earlier this year, “Big Men” will make its TV broadcast debut on PBS’ documentary
series POV on Monday August 25th.

To find out
more, go to the POV’s website for the film HERE. Below is the trailer.

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Ghana took out LOANS from the IMF and World Bank. About 900 Million. You know what's going to happen to ghana. They are going to make her sell her public services. Then they will make Ghana reduce food subsidies, cut public spending for social services, privatize ALL state enterprises, open the door to foreign investors. Basically, Wolves will run away with all the country's resources and money.

These loans bear a "substantial responsibility for lowered health, nutritional, and educational levels for 100s of millions of world children.

Nigerians said Ghana will turn into her. Ghananians had a lot of hubris when Obama visited and they struck oil.

It's 2014, by 2020 ghana will be grounded into the dust like all the other countries that STRUCK OIL. Europe and America are natural enemies to Africans. China is more of an allay; At least they develop Africa's infrastructure and STAY OUT of their politics. Which is why some countries has the Ebola virus.

To prevent China from spreading its resource reach.

Nasty mofo's

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