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Harry Lennix (‘The Blacklist’) To Form New Production Company

Harry Lennix ('The Blacklist') To Form New Production Company

Actor Harry Lennix, who can be currently seen on NBC’s hit show ‘The Blacklist,’ and, without question, a person unafraid to express himself fully – has decided to
put his money where his mouth is, and has announced his formation of a film production company called Exponent Media Group.

As he told Variety (here), along with his partner Steve Harris,
they are currently organizing a team of investors to create a film fund, with plans to make 5 films over the next 3 years, in the $1
million range.

As he says in the Variety article: “I decided that I needed to take control…It wasn’t easy to get this far
— Steve and I are just two guys from Chicago. What we want to do is to make
good quality films that we actually want to make for a price.”

He further added that: “I would love to just keep acting but I’m
forced to make business for myself. And because of the improvements in
production equipment, costs have gone down. I just wish I’d thought of this 20
years ago.”

Lennix has already produced and financed 3 films: “H4,”
a street version of William Shakespeare’s “Henry IV,” with Lennix starring; and “Revival,” a gospel concert movie. Both have distribution deals set
through Nehst Media’s Digiplex. There’s also “Mr. Sophistication,” chronicling the journey
of a troubled and self-destructive stand-up
comedian played by Lennix.

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This is what I'm talking about, screw hollywood, make our own movies. We have to keep doing things like this to change things.

Mark and Darla

He look like count Dracula suffering with AIDS.


This is great news for Harry Lennix and Steve Harris. His journey to stardom reminds me of Morgan Freeman who struggled to get to where he is now. I am happy for both Harry Lennix and Steve Harris and look forward to their projects.

Patch Neck Red

All good, curious to know if his partner Steve Harris is the one from the "Practice" who is also a Chicago native? If so that is a great collaboration!

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