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HBO Says They Are Not “Going To Play Police” With Sex And Violence On ‘Game Of Thrones’

HBO Says They Are Not "Going To Play Police" With Sex And Violence On 'Game Of Thrones'

While “Game Of Thrones” is undoubtedly the most popular show on television, it’s also one of the most controversial. In season four episode “Breaker Of Chains,” Jaime Lannister rapes his twin sister Cersei, a disturbing sequence made all the more baffling because in the books, the sex between them is consensual. The scene caused a firestorm of online chatter about depictions of sex and violence on the show, and in the culture of TV media in general, and at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, HBO President Of Programming Michael Lombardo responded to concerns and criticism.

“I appreciate there was some controversy, and it generated a conversation about what consensual sex is and isn’t,” he said about the Lannister sex scene.

The executive argues that subscribers to HBO are paying to get uncensored content, and that he leaves the decisions to how much (or how little) sex and violence is in “Game Of Thrones” to writers Dan Weiss and David Benioff. “I don’t think (graphic scenes) have ever been without any purpose. Dan and Dave are two very sober, thoughtful men. They have books as a map, which involve wars, violence, sex. We have certainly not given them an edict or a note that they need to tone down the sexual content in the show,” Lombardo said, also adding: “As long as I feel that (violence) isn’t the reason (people) are watching the show, that it isn’t a show trying to attract viewers with sex and violence, I am not going to play police.”

And Lombardo underscores that latter sentiment again, stating HBO’s role is to balance creative expression with ensuring things don’t go too far. “People responsible for programming have two responsibilities. To be responsible, not to have sex and violence that’s gratuitous. That is certainly not who we are. At the same time we don’t want to be a censor that inhibits the authentic organic creative process by policing how many breasts should be on a show,” he said.

Thoughts? Hit our comments section and we’ll see if anything changes on “Game On Thrones” next year when it comes to boobs and blood. [Variety]

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Monster Cock

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. But evil does not cease to exist.


no sale: don't watch – wow, problem solved

No sale

Lombardo is FOS. " uncensored content" isn't the problem with GOT. Blatant sexism is the problem, and word on the street is that Lombardo encourages it, although D&D don't need much encouragement.

Sure, he's all for exploitation of women on the show, but we don't get a lot of full frontal male nudity, do we? He has a double standard and is a total hypocrite. They could have made that rape scene reflect the way it was in the book, but they chose not to. It wouldn't have taken a lot longer or any other BS excuse. They deliberately made it the way they wanted it to appear. They're only surprised they got called on it.


People have matured in what they can accept on TV, and HBO would be stupid to play morality cop for those that can't hack the amount of sex or violence on the show. That's the thing about art in a free society… nobody is twisting your arm to make you view the material, but likewise, those that have moral objections have no right to impose their views on others in a free society. Or, would you rather have guys like ISIS deciding for you because an invisible deity told them to take your head for watching your favorite show (that, ironically, features beheadings)?


Of course……why mess with your Cash Cow?

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