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Idris Elba Is Producing & Starring in British Indie Drama, ‘A Hundred Streets’ (Pics)

Idris Elba Is Producing & Starring in British Indie Drama, 'A Hundred Streets' (Pics)

Idris Elba continues to build upon his behind-the-camera resume, as a producer (and director as well). The multi-hyphenate will not only produce, but also star in a new UK indie feature that was once titled “One Square Mile,” when we first profiled it on S&A a year ago, and is now called “A Hundred Streets,” which is currently shooting, under the direction of Jim O’Hanlon, from a script penned by Leon F. Butler.

Elba is joined by Gemma Arterton in the upcoming drama, in which the pair play a former rugby player (Elba) and his estranged wife (Arterton) in what is a multi-story project about 4 people with four extraordinary stories, who live within one square mile of each other (hence the previous title of the film).

The filmmakers describe the project as a gritty, contemporary and poignant multilayered drama, all set within one area of South West London, which follows a series of misplaced characters from a wide range of backgrounds as their lives cross paths. As tension mounts, relationships are strained, loyalties are tested and violence erupts. However the underlying message of the film is one of hope and that by working as a community, things can only get better. 

“Crash” and “Amores Perros” are listed as inspirations for the film, which is said to be based on real events.

The film is a Silverstream and One Square Mile presentation in association with uMedia Entertainment. 

Expect a 2015 delivery.

The photos are courtesy of Daily Mail UK.

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I see it both ways actually. Black women tend to be very supportive films featuring romantic relationships between BW and WM. They tend to have the opposite reaction when a film features a relationship bewtween a black man and white woman. Maybe that's normal. But one thing I know for a fact is that black couples are disappearing from mainstream productions and we should be concerned. Black child actors are also being replaced by bi-racial ones and too many of us seem not to care about our gradual erasure. It's disheartening to see how indifferent we've become to our own removal from the screen. There are actually black people on this site who believe this represents racial progress.

The colonized mind is a sad thing.



Black couples on film and television are becoming obsolete. The problem is black women celebrate when they see a BW featured in a relationship with a WM. And black men tend not to care at all when they see a brother featured in a romantic relationship with a white woman. Both are problematic because these attitudes WILL lead to the complete erasure of black couples on screen. We are already seeingenuity the replacement of black women by bi-racial ones. Once they disappear from the screen entirely, they will never reappear.

Up In The Balcony

Idris, Et, tu, Brute? Than this of Juliet and her Romeo? The thane of Fife had a [black] wife. Where is she now? What will these hands ne'er be clean no more o' that my lord, no more o' that. You mar all with this starting.

**Black Statler and his buddy, Black Waldorf contemplates the decline of the "black actress" and Idris Elba's new love interest.**

Waldorf: "That's it? Is that all you have to say about this new Jungle Fever?"

Statler: "Well, Shadow and Act loves them some Idris… and their lips a sealed so everybody must be cool with this?"

Waldorf: "And that's a damn shame. Sergio writes a post about the freaky-deaky Woody Allen and the doors fall in, leaving standing room only. But Idris sexing up white women… closing more doors to black actresses, gets no reactions"

Statler: "yep, it's truly a sad day. What will these hands ne'er be clean. No more o' that my lord, no mre o' that. You mar all with this starting"


This looks very interesting to me. I like that Idris Elba is developing his craft beyond acting. After watching the series "Luther" and LOVING IT! I eyes have been on the lookout for Mr. Elba's next projects will be. I will support anything Idris Elba does!!!


I'm happy that Idris Elba is doing more than just acting! I loved Amores Perros but I didn't like Crash at all. That Oscar win was a joke! This film should be very interesting because I would love to know which POV this story is told from!

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