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Is ‘The Walking Dead”s Daryl Dixon Going To Come Out This Season?

Is 'The Walking Dead''s Daryl Dixon Going To Come Out This Season?

There’s long been rumors that Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" might be gay, based on the facts that he seems to have a significant disinterest in women and that he’s had no romantic plotlines whatsoever over the show’s first four seasons. Now "Dead" creator Robert Kirkland has officially responded to those rumors:

"All I can say is that it’s been discussed," he said. "We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing… we’ll tackle it in the show."

Does this mean Daryl will get himself a post-apocalyptic coming out episode? Seems like a good possibility, unless he dies first of course. 

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Did he and Carol do the nasty at the prison? I can’t see them taking his character this way.


I don’t care if he’s gay, but I’d rather they’d just keep that side of him quiet. I don’t want to see this change in the character have him become more openly flamboyant or flirtacious among the other currently straight male characters. I like him the way he is: and that goes for his relationships with women too. I’m happy to see him be solidly and securely alone.


I hate when gay defenders use the homophobia excuse. No im not afraid of no damn queers I just despise them with an ancient hatred as strong as a supernova from hell. Its sickening to me what they do. Anyways they better not make Daryl gay. All I gotta say. And yes im extremely hateful. Deal with my hatefulness since I gotta deal with you gays getting married.


I think it would be great if Daryl turned out gay and I love all these past comments with snide homophobic remarks which get me so annoyed its the 21st century get over it some guys like guys and some girls like girls is that so hard to understand. People saying the show is about an apocalypse yeah that's true but why aren't you complaining about Maggie and Glen or Rick and Lori and in a zombie apocalypse there would definitely be gay people it's not like all the gays would magically disappear. At the end of the day this will be the first gay male character in the show so far so please stop complaining that every show keeps putting gay characters in where statistically speaking 1 in every 10 character could possibly be gay so please shut the hell up and don't complain about one character possibly being gay . Oh and why would the viewer rating drop this is the 21st century no one cares if your gay or not, and the guy who brought the topic up that is completely wrong about having a gay character and saying stuff about gay sex is like having two left feet why would daryl being gay have anything to do with sex he ain't got time for that.


Just think of Jesus, from the comics. He was badass like daryl and they casually told everybody he was gay. No problem there, right?


Personally, I would LOVE it if Daryl was gay. Imagine growing up around MERLE and trying to cope with not being straight. I just think it would be a fantastic way to add depth to him… Also, I don't think his "awkwardness" around women is really evidence enough and is kind of a moot point. I think he's just that kind of dude… not great at getting to know people or going outside his comfort zone. Which is why it would be FANTASTIC to crack him open and really look inside at some good repressed sexuality struggles and self-loathing. That would really be interesting. AND it would effectively break the sterotypes that all the flat gay characters on TV are based on. He's still the same Daryl. Nobody said gay men couldn't be badasses.
(Also, to everyone saying "They should focus on the zombies, this show isn't about sexuality!"… I didn't see anyone talking shit about all of the STRAIGHT romantic issues in the show. Point made…)
I really hope they go through with it.


I loved Daryl. I absolutly loved Daryl. And you know what? I still love him after reading this. Are you seriously using the exuse "the ratings will drop" or "i think its wrong"? My god, calm down. Its not like the ratings will drop because of that, if he even is gay, because its not all Daryl. I hate homophobes. I freaked when i saw this. Good for him, honestly.


Please do not make him homosexual! I believe viewers will drop because the show is aboun sexuality it's about surviving the apocalypse.


I love all of the failed attempts at hiding obvious homophobia in these comments. Anyway…
I don't think the producers have any serious interest in making Daryl gay. If they were, they would have done it season one. Right now it makes no sense for the character, and using homosexuality as a plot device is insulting to all gay people. We are not a thing that has to be introduced and dealt with, to further a story.

Base Model 0

How about Not using homosexuality as crutch to drive a story. I feel is just as bad to sensationalize that the most epic thing to happen in character development is being "gay."
How about delve into something as rancid as zombie brains ( and is an actual problem ) like child abuse & sexual abuse, causes for low self esteem and martyr syndrome.

"Fred, did ya hear the news about Daryl?"
"No. Did he scarafice himself for the group? Was Edith actually his baby? Was he abused as a child?"
"Fred, Daryl's gay!"
"Heavens no. He was so badass. Why would they do that to him?!
" Fred? Is that a heartbroken bro-crush? Ha!"


That would be pretty pathetic if they made Daryl gay. He's one of the most Bad@$$ characters on the show (and even more so considering the fact that his character was never romantically involved). Now they want to ruin his character like this?!? Be better if he died like the true man he's been the entire series!!


what if Daryl has aspergers? he seems like he is

Lindsay McLellan

That Is So Sad :-(

Jason g

Darryl dicks-in ..lmao


who cares if he is on the show's The Walking Dead not Daryl's Walking Dead


I think the rumors are just a way to get the buzz going. As if we TWD fans need anything to get us going. I don't think Daryl is gay. I agree with Chandra, he just doesn't know how to handle women. I think he liked Carol but didn't have any sexual chemistry with her. I think he had it all with Beth and didn't know how to handle it. I don't think there is anything wrong with bringing a gay character into the fold (we already have Tara BTW) but I don't believe it is Daryl.


He's NOT gay, good lord. If he were, it wouldn't be an issue but he's Bethsexual. You want to know why he's disinterested in women? He isn't, he just doesn't understand them. The ONLY example he's had in life, when it comes to women, is his father and Merle who treated women like human toilets. All he knew was that you don't have emotional intimacy with women and just use them for sexual gratification. We know that Norman's said already that he fought to not have Daryl be a mini-Merle as well. Daryl does not want to be his father or his brother, and since he's never known emotional closeness of any kind that was positive instead of filled with anger, beratement, humiliation, abuse, neglect and anger, he wouldn't show interest in women at this point. Take in the fact he's pragmatic as well and that should tell you that his disinterest is due to not understanding what amorous feelings are or how you deal with him, as well as the fact it's taken him TWO YEARS to become as close as he has on a familial level with the group.

If people would stop and think about these things, instead of jumping to conclusions, then this sensationalization wouldn't be necessary. He's not gay, but if he were it wouldn't and shouldn't be an issue.


Really????????????? Dumbest idea ever.

miss rip em

That is fuccin sicc, WHY? does everyone have to be gay. It's not just gay luv, it's gay sex too. Which is as wrongvas two left-shoes.


He's had too much obvious sexual tension with female characters, itd be a weird character change. Besides he's too lone wolf to get caught in a romance.
IF they do, I think itd be great to see the gay stereotype shattered by a character like Daryl, but I think the best route is to steer clear of a romance storyline with daryl. Most of us are comfortable with his charcter as he is.
Aside from all this Daryl talk, The Walking Dead graphic novels have had a number of gay characters so far, start expecting them to pop out in the tv story line at some point.




I think it will lose many fans if Daryl is gay or if he dies.


That means I will have to throw away my Mrs. Darryl Dixon shirts!


I sure the heck hope not!! He needs a lady love,everyones been waiting for it!! Im NOT anti-gay either,I stand up for equality and gay rights. It's just I've been waiting for him to get with someone!!


NOPE,the show runners would never,they think it will scare away their audience.

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