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Michael Bay Says He’ll Hand Off ‘Transformers 5’ To Another Director

Michael Bay Says He'll Hand Off 'Transformers 5' To Another Director

Asked what’s next for the “Transformers ” franchise literally a few hours after he finished “Transformers: Age of Exctinction,” Michael Bay quipped half-seriously, “there’s a lot that’s unexplored, but that’s for the next director to figure out.” He added “they’re hard movies to do and it takes every day for two years. They’re fun, but they’re hard.” Bay has talked about a potential handoff in the past, saying he’d oversee a new cast and some pre-production, and then split. But it seems he meant it this time.

In an interview with USA Today, the paper says the filmmaker “believes he will pass the baton for future Transformer movies to a new director while he turns his focus elsewhere.”

“There’s kind of a new chapter, a new direction in movies I want to make,” Bay said. “I have a lot of stories to tell. And it’s about flexing new muscles.” One of those directions is a passion project, a documentary regarding elephant poaching which the filmmaker has discussed in the past.

Should this come to pass, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. One could argue that,  through his Platinum Dunes production shingle, Bay has already handed off projects to some of his younger protégés, like Jonathan Liebesman, director of this weekend’s box office champ “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (which did so well at the box-office a sequel is already on the way).

Transformers: Age of Exctinction,” is the highest grossing film of 2014 worldwide and will likely remain so for the rest of the year. The movie is also the 9th highest grossing picture of all time worldwide. Domestically, it’s the third highest grossing film of the year and may very well make it to #1. Bay has conquered blockbuster filmmaking and thus has nowhere to go in the genre, so perhaps he has a sincere desire to test his mettle in other cinematic arenas. 

End of an era? Do you care? Are you happy to see Bay take on more “Pain & Gain”-esque non-Transformers projects? Sound off below.

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diane lazaro

I love all the transformers movies I hope micheal bay will stay will #5 and that Samberg will be in next movie he is awesome


For all the people that don’t see the films for what they are….Michael Bay has brought to life, through cinematography, every little boy born in the 1980s and 1990s dream of transformers. I honestly hope he finds fulfillment in his next endeavor however I for one would love to see another transformers film by him along with many others! I truly enjoyed watching this with my son, as my father watched the cartoon with me as a boy! Thank You Michael Bay!

Phil Rosado

In my opinion, Michael Bay has done good transformers movies, but I think Spielberg could pick up where he left off. Or maybe someone from Japan could assist direct since Transformers are made in japan. Could make them look the way they supposed to like in the cartoons. And my guess is that Optimus is on his way to the planet of the Quintasons and raise a little hell. Maybe its time for Unicron to make his appearance.

yasir mehmood

i expecting the next part of transformer will coming very very soon


Peter Berg should be the director for Transformers 5. I vote for Peter. He’ll do an excellent job with it. If you’ve seen Battleship you’ll know why I hope he takes the helm or at least be offered the job.


Please please please let this actually happen! So someone else can try and rescue the Tansformers from the slaughter! The franchise that could have been an epic, but turned out just a missively epic FAIL!


I think, if there is a TS5, it should be based on how optimus prime became optimus prime, aka Orion Pax = Prime.

Or TS5 should be based on the human trial of Transformer DNA. This means that the human make half transformers half humans like the one in TS2 when Sam was in College as that Female transformer tries to seduce him then tries to kill him.


i wanted 4 to be the prequel to all of em and get to see the battle on cybertron before it was destroyed. but idk extinction was over rated i mean it was almost 3 hours long and the dinosaurs came out in the last 40 min so yeah i was bored for the other 2 hours perty much

Fuze' Shore

I don't care for them Bay haters. We have TF movies so deal with it. As for me, i wish he didn't leave. Would like to see the cast from the three, meet up with the ones from AOE in 5. That would be cool in my world. XD




I'm glad. Michael Bay has no imagination. All his movies have the same helicopter flying above with the camera circling the actors. But there is a scene in tf5 that I'm almost positive is from a different movie. The highway scene where the Dino (autobot) catches a decepticon and it crashes into a cyrstler300. In 2006 a movie called the sentinel with Michael Douglas with the exact same scene


PLEASE let this be true!!!! and that it stays this way. Bay is garbage and has ruined TF with his garbage directing, boring human casting, stereotyping and racism and pathetic stories.


Bay was an accomplished director prior to Transformers, but not a household name until TF, he is obviously sleeping with Shia LaBeouf, and has forgot that success comes from doing what you are good at.
So let him go, let's see if his explosions are as popular in another genre.


This isn't right !! he is leaving too early ….we need him he is best Director!! no one can else make movies like him…..
Hope thaT he changes his mind


He leaves a big cliff hanger ending like that and then quits??!!! Wtf Bay :/


It's really sad, I wish he could direct the other two movies because I love his work in them and nobody makes them better then him. I hope he changes his mind and stays.

Nukman Hakim

Oh what the hell maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!! I was just getting used to the new cast from the previous movie…. If he changed it to a new director for the next Transformers movie, then i think that lots of people won't recognize his master-piece.


So is this like Emperor Palpatine ordaining a new Darth Vader?

Yeah Right

I'll believe it when I see it, Mike.


Hopefully he'll stick to his word this time & we won't be reading in two months – "Michael Bay agrees to direct Transformers 5 & 6 for a zillion dollars!"


I find most of Bay's movies tedious, but Pain & Gain was surprisingly enjoyable. I would love for him to do more like that.


Really hopes he makes another big budget R rated action flick. I would really dig if he completed the Bad Boys trilogy.

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