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New Pics From Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar,’ A Movie About “Cosmic Ideas And Current Human Anxieties”

New Pics From Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar,' A Movie About "Cosmic Ideas And Current Human Anxieties"

Entertainment Weekly has dropped their massive Fall Preview issue, and most of the A material therein is not yet online. But when there’s a movie as big as Christopher Nolan‘s “Interstellar” profiled within, new images from the movie exclusive to the mag have landed online.

That’s the only new info, with Nolan and co. remaining silent about the plot, other than confirming what’s already known: the Earth is running out of food, forcing everyman Matthew McConaughey to go to outer space to save mankind, read poetry and cry. But John Lithgow (bet you forgot he was in the movie), offers up a pretty interesting quote about the thematic texture we can expect. “It’s a thrilling interaction between grand spectacle and intimate, intense relationships,” he said. “More so than many films of this genre, Chris found a way to make fantastic drama out of cosmic ideas and current human anxieties.” 

You can read more over at Fuck You And Your Stipulations. “Interstellar” opens on November 7th. [via Rope Of Silicon]

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Why do people critise something they ant seen yet!!

Let it get released first then if you got an opinion there feel free to say what you want.


The excrutiatingly bad acting and on-the-nose dialog displayed in the fist 45 seconds of the UK trailer have me very worried. It's on the level of M. Night. Nails on a chalkboard bad.

The offending bits were wisely excised for trailer #3, but undoubtedly remain in the movie itself.

Perhaps it ultimately overcomes the clumsiness, but it is worrisome none the less.


deleting comments that call out your blog's flaws? aint that a hoot. can't handle the criticism, do a better job researching and editing your copy.


John Lithgow is in this too???

What a great cast.

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