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Nikki Finke Video and Photos Posted On Site

Nikki Finke Video and Photos Posted On Site

Under the guise of supposed outrage at Nikki Finke’s mean-spirited treatment of Hollywood players like Oprah Winfrey, has posted a paparazzi video and photos taken outside of her Jay Penske-owned West Hollywood condo. It reeks of invasion of privacy. Yes it’s Finke, and yes I profoundly disapprove. She brought it on herself on some level, I recognize, by being so private and only releasing that one headshot to circulate for so many years.

I will not post the video. You’ll have to find it yourself. Not a big whoop. Soon Finke will be able to retire in peace. 

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"It reeks of invasion of privacy"? As my mother would say, "What goes around comes around."

Come on

you disapprove yet draw attention to it? rather pathetic

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