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Open Casting Call for Steve McQueen’s HBO Project This Saturday in New York City

Open Casting Call for Steve McQueen's HBO Project This Saturday in New York City

Do you think you have the talent, the looks and charisma to be a leading man? Then here’s your opportunity.

This Saturday, August 23rd, at the Harlem School for the Arts, located at 645 Saint Nicholas Ave. in
New York City, from 10AM to 1PM, the casting and production team for Steve
McQueen’s still untitled HBO pilot, will be conducting what they say will
be its only casting call in New York.

Holding the open call is casting director Cindy Tolan. Tolan will run the open call auditions, which McQueen, it
has been emphasized, will not be present for. According to Tolan, “No experience is
necessary. They are just looking for a quality individual.”

All black men between the ages of 20 to 40 are invited. Casting directors
will also look at dancers, musicians and anyone with any interest in being a
part of the project.

The HBO pilot is
centered around a young African-American man’s experience entering New York high society. 

Good luck.

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Elijah Jamal Journigan

My name is Elijah Jamal Journigan, and I’m an aspiring actor/entertainer looking for work. I’m 23 years old and from the South Jersey-Philadelphia area and I think I have what it takes to bring some new flavor to the table for one of your roles. So please give me a shot.

Michael J. Whitmore

For an excellent part of Your cast, call Me. Michael Whitmore 785-379-0569

Avery L Prince

If every there’s a reason to shine, I’ll take my cover off so you’s can see the light!!

Avery L Prince

To bad I missed this project, perhaps the next one will be my fortune.


I heard that this ending up being a waste a time for any men that weren't of a lighter skin complexion as they only picked tall light skinned men.


i wonder if this is a union project


I am going to do everything I can to be there. Sounds like this is going to be an incredible project.


I'm white. So unless I can find Robert Downey Jr's makeup…


So racist, Whitey not invited!

Boycott this project.


I met Steve Mcqueen and he is such a sweet heart although he looked lost but i gotta say that man is soo humble. I wish they were doing a women casting as well.


I remember him criticizing television saying it's not compared to cinema, "there's nothing like cinema bla bla", in that Directors round table with Cuaron when Cuaron said television narrative is becoming more interesting or something like that. Now McQueen is getting into TV as well what a hypocrite HAHAHA


I have been hearing so much about this new series Executive Produced by Steve McQueen and Russell Simmons for HBO. I started hearing about it shortly after he won the Academy Award for Best Picture for "12 Years A Slave." I was excited then about this show and my enthusiasm for this show hasn't wavered one bit! I can't wait till the premier date of this show!!!

Dave's Deluxe

This appears to be Mr. McQueen's headshot for his "Saved by The Bell" audition in 1986.

Carry on, at any rate. Looking forward to his next endeavor.

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