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Project of the Day: ‘A Cambodian Winter’

Project of the Day: 'A Cambodian Winter'

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A Cambodian Winter

Tweetable Logline: A poetic road trip/coming of age story. Three young children, on the journey of a lifetime, all looking for love and happiness.

Elevator Pitch: 
You know when you stand in the supermarket trying to decide between salt & vinegar or BBQ crisps? Yeah… well these kids don’t. This is Cambodia, real Cambodia. The stars are not actors, they are local children who live this life everyday and their performances are honest and amazing. Three young kids embark upon a road trip in search of the family they never had. A universal story of first love, it could be shot in any town, in any country, in any language but set against the exotic beauty and enchanting culture of Cambodia this film is artistically stunning.

Production Team: 
Forest Wise Director / Writer / Producer
Jaime Reynoso – Cinematographer
Ben Bartlett – Producer

About the film: 
Forest spent years in Cambodia working with these children before writing the script. Over this time he listened to stories of their lives, their wishes and their dreams and drew upon these ideas to create an honest, powerful script. The ultimate goal is to create an beautiful film that provides sustainable support for the children involved. The children are partners in the film and will share in its profits. By making a film with soul and purpose we want to tap into the audience conscience and leave something behind. In this land of contradictions the children will lead the way.

Current Status: 
Currently in post-production, editing, and running an Indiegogo campaign for finishing funds.

For more information and to support this project: 
Indiegogo Page

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Jim Ebacher

After my visit to Cambodia, I can’t wait to see this film.

Wilfried Ifland

It gives the right feeling for this beautiful country. I hope to see this movie soon.

Ann R

Stunning trailer! Can’t wait to see this beautiful film.


The preview looks stunning

The preview looks stunning



wow…what an amazing project…how can i get involved…it took my breath away……oh i forgot i made it…but it’s still cool and it helps in more ways than one..and big props for indiewire for getting us some kind of press…..cheers


Looks great, hope you reach the goal.


When I visited Cambodia last year, I coincidentally ran in somebody of the Production Team and he told me about this amazing and promising project. Still on my travels, I checked out the project website and watched the trailer. Since then, I can’t wait to see to full movie.

Brian Morgan

These kids are adorable and deserve the world. I’m very excited to see the finished project and hope there are many to come! Visually, this project looks like a very impressive music video…


Very honest and almost dreamy


Great project set in beautiful surrounds.


This looks to be a beautifully visceral viewing experience, told from a unique perspective, can’t wait to see more.

Steve T

Sounds like a beautiful story and really hope it can get completed so we can all see it!


A beautifully produced, heartwarming tale that captures the wonder of the people and the country.


Man, it looks dope. Can’t wait to see it!

Ash B

This looks beautifully shot, and refreshingly uplifting – particularly for a country and people that have often been maligned.

Ben B

Thanks to Indiewire for showing our project. It is great to be able to share our film with the world.


The cinematography is beautiful, makes me want to visit Cambodia.

Caleb M.

This sounds like a great project. I can’t wait to see it.

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