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Rumor: ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Will Find Batman And Wonder Woman Already Fighting Crime

Rumor: 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Will Find Batman And Wonder Woman Already Fighting Crime

Since we have nothing else to go on for now, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” will continue to ride mostly on speculation. Yesterday, set footage revealed lots of mega-destruction on the horizon for the movie, but today there are some new rumblings about the characters, in particular Ben Affleck‘s Batman.

According to BadAssDigest, in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming movie, Batman will have been active for decades, but never seen by the public and is believed to be an urban legend. This isn’t quite surprising, and was a theory tossed around The Playlist offices when Affleck was cast — his age alone suggests Bruce Wayne has been kicking around the universe of these characters for some time. But Batman will not be alone in his vigilante crime fighting efforts, as Wonder Woman will also have been out on the streets before she comes into the orbit of Superman. But for us, this is the really interesting nugget of the latest batch of intel:

….the Batcave includes a memorial centered around a tattered Robin costume.

Could this mean an open door to the long rumored Nightwing popping up somewhere down the line? Nobody is ever dead in comics, and perhaps Dick Grayson will emerge in a new crimefighting persona, perhaps in “Justice League.” Or maybe he’s just dead, and this is just a wink to fans. But it would be an odd detail to leak this early, if it didn’t have some significance (if it’s true). And if there’s room for Aquaman, why not this?

Anyway, that’s your Bats update for today. See you on May 6, 2016, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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victor krum

Affleck will ruin this trash film which has moved it's release THREE times aready! Eisenberg as a villain?


How on earth is Batman an "urban legend" and never been seen by anyone? I ask this because the comic con trailer clearly showed a bat signal on the roof of what I assume is police headquarters. If he's an urban legend then why the bat signal??


the batcave has a tatterd robin uniform? Could that be Jason Todd? Either way it explains why Batman looks so said in the pictures

OMG this is going to be awesome.

John L

Great comments and I appreciate everyone's opinion. Especially by those ZRYSON. I'm a comic book fan. Not just a Marvel or DC fan, but a genuine comic book fan. I'm 34 and I started reading them when I was 14. I hope the final product, BvS, will be worth it. For now the jury is still out obviously. This is Snyder's baby and I can't believe he's handling it with such injustice. Look this movie is inspired by the Dark Knight Returns(1986) by Frank Miller we get that. This movie is going to be cheap because in 1 movie, just 1, Batman and Superman are going to meet, eventually come to blows and then realize that they should work together and create the justice league. What a cop out. Where's the development. Look Batman and Superman were boys for years. Over time they grew apart eventually to the point where they went they're seperate ways. Then, then, they come to blows!! It's called development. The ideas in this movie should be expressed or put on film several movies ahead. We don't need a Batman in his 50's. You're telling me we're going to have a 50 year old Batman in the Justice League movie. Really!! I'm losing my mind. He should be in his 30's. Oh and Wonder Woman aka Diana has been around for some time now. What a way to not have to explain her origin story. Great job. Lol. I'm sure she will be highly powered down. DC does not have to copy Marvel and they shouldn't but I don't get the sense they have a system or concrete plan on how to approach these great characters

mustafa raza

ok ….. that costume in the batcave….not nightwing (dick grayson) its jason todd the second robin who later becomes red hood. PLAYLIST get you're facts straight


no offense but do you know anything of batman history? Rwad the other commmts to learn. good job commenters!!


Maybe that's who Callan Mulvey is playing…Nightwing (Dick Grayson).

Jason Todd is the Robin who is killed by the joker, resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, and becomes the Red Hood. Mulvey could be playing him instead, or they could be using Scoot McNairy for that, or they could just wait for a follow up stand alone Batman movie to cover the "death in the family."


Everything I hear about this movie makes me hate it more and more. It just seems so slapped together, like WB got Avengers envy and decided to get the Justice League movie together no matter the cost to the characters, especially Batman who seems to be in this movie, not because it makes sense, because he's Batman!


So Batman has been around 30-odd years yet people still consider him an urban legend? Hard to believe that as people would have seen the Batmobile, the Bat-Signal. What about all the criminals Batman has caught? Using his tech? Surely if enough of them say "Yeah, the Bat caught me!" people would think twice. Likewise about his tech – Batarangs, etc. Some of them must have passed into other hands. There is also technology and journalism in this world, are they trying to pass the notion that people think Batman is an urban legend and has never been photographed yet in this same universe Lois Lane can track down an alien on her own? It doesnt gel, at all, in fact it creates so many implausibilities… Much in the same way an Amazon warrior can go around in a costume with sword and lasso and yet supposedly remain secretive.


I'm hoping it's the Jason Todd Robin suit that way their could be cameos from Dick Grayson/Nightwing and future Robins. Would also set up for a Batman film based around the Red Hood eventually leading (after a few more Batman movies) to a Battle for the Cowl movie??? That would be awesome.


I'll betcha that it's not Dick Grayson's uniform and that Dick is already established as former Robin now Nightwing. But that tattered uniform belonged to Jason Todd aka 2nd Robin who was murdered by the Joker, and that will then lead into the plot for the solo Batman film being based around Red Hood aka resurrected Jason Todd who becomes a "Punisher" type Anti-Hero, and that the next Robin we will see will be Either Tim Drake or Damian Wayne


Would be cool if Nightwing is out there trying to form his own group. Maybe Bruce and Dick are having dinner in Gotham at the end of the movie and Bruce is like so tell me about this Raven girl that Knightwing has been running around with, oh and by the way Dick I have a friend I want you to meet, we call him Cyborg. The big metal guy that's been hanging around you and your new friends lately, Bruce? Been doing your homework Dick! I learned from the best Bruce. Although I haven't quite figured out Flamehead, what's up with that? That's Firestorm Dick, he's got some issues.


The Dark Knight Returns came out in 1986. Batman V Superman is coming out in 2016 that is a total of 30 years apart from each other and in the movie Bruce has been batman for 30 years.


The robin that died is Jason Todd aka Red Hood not Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. Snyder is a fan of The Dark Knight Returns let's look at the facts older Bruce in his 50's, both suits they have shown so far the normal and armored are from The Dark Knght Returns, They announced this movie with a quote from the fight scene in the comic, Jason Todd was the Dead Robin in the Dark Knight Returns. This movie is not The Dark Knight Returns but it is heavily influenced by it. I love every news I am hearing about this batman because I love that comic.


Oh man, no origin story?!! I won't watch it if I don't get to know how Batman became Batman. Bummer!


They might go the route of their having been multiple Robins. In the comics a famous storyline involves the Jason Todd Robin being beaten to death with a cro-bar by Joker. My guess is we'll see a Dick Grayson/Nightwing that used to be Robin and a grieving Bruce Wayne that doesn't want to work with a partner anymore.

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