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Sneak Preview Of ‘Women And The Word: The Revival Move’ at 5th Annual Soul of Brooklyn Festival Next Week

Sneak Preview Of 'Women And The Word: The Revival Move' at 5th Annual Soul of Brooklyn Festival Next Week

fall, I first wrote about filmmaker Sekiya Dorsett’s documentary-in-progress film
(the now retitled) “Women and The Word: The Revival Movie” (HERE), which follows 5 young women who hit the road with their “The Revival 2012,” with the goal being to bring music and poetry to actual living rooms across the U.S. and abroad, creating safe spaces, participating in several sold-out shows over 8 cities in 9 days.

The film
captures the tour’s 5 troupe members as “they
grow as women, performers, and as friends.”

Now the film
will have its first official sneak preview next week on Weds August 20th
as part of the program, “Celebrating Queer Black Women in Film” at the Museum of
Contemporary African Diaspora Art (MoCADA) in Brooklyn, at the 5th Annual Soul of BK
Festival, which runs from Aug.17-23rd.

Along with
the screening will be a panel that includes filmmakers Ms.Dorsett, Alexis Casson
(“The Peculiar Kind”), and filmmaker Cheryl Dunye (“Watermelon Woman”), who will also be previewing her latest film, “Black Is Blue,” and on which they will talk about their latest
projects and about the future of film.

Here’s the
website to find out more about The Soul of BK Festival: . HERE

An extended trailer
for “Women and the Word: The Revival Movie” follows:

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I swear this sounds like some boring Ash ish.

Up In The Balcony

Great! Children should be seen and not heard so i'm glad they're not commenting on grown folk's business like this here Queers, Birds & Bees. So now, at last, I can get me a good night's sleep.

[ Black Waldorf has been agonizing over what he considers childish behavior and child-like comments in S&A's comment section. So now he believes it's a good time to take a much needed nap. To ensure that he does indeed fall into a deep dream-filled slumber, he takes 6 Vicodins, 2 Valium and washes down with an expensive bottle of Chateau Petrus. Little does he know he'll soon be under the suggestive powers of his disagreeable friend, Mr. Black Waldorf]

Statler: I'm tellin' you man, I wouldn't mix all that sh*t together… it'll knock a mule out.

Waldorf: Please, spare me, this is some of that expensive wine that my ex-wife gave me. She said she was happy to get rid of my ass, so as a departing gift she spent a little high on the hog. And, these are prescription drugs.

Statler: Yeah, a prescription for death, but go ahead, I'll just clean up our spot after you sh*t on yourself.

[Waldorf shrugs off Statler's advice, swallows his concoction, kicks back and soon falls into a deep sleep. Statlers sees this as a perfect opportunity to pick his buddy's mind. So while his friend appears to be in his deepest dream state, Statler whispers suggestive words in his ear]

Statler (whispering): Hey Waldorf, this is your friend Stat, we've finally made it to heaven. So tell me, since we're in a place of no lies, what do you really think about SET IT OFF: Celebrating Queer Black Women In Film?

Waldorf (drowsy voice): I… uh… I loved Set It Off. Queen Latifah was terrific in that movie.

[Statler thought "Queen Latifah, WTF, I didn't see her name listed?" but now he knows Waldorf is really at his mercy. So he digs a little deeper]

Statler: yeah man, I agree, but what do you think of S&A crew… like, what's your opinion of Sergio?

Waldorf (lethargic voice): Lounge lizard

Statler: Lounge lizard?

Waldorf (groggy): Yeah, he reminds me of some of my **nods off** old friends… uh older guys who hang around bars, taverns and Vegas lounges trying to pickup young drunk chicks. That's what he do **hiccup** here at **BELCH** S&A… he get'em drunk on gossip and laughter, then it's off to his love nest.

[Now Statler knows his friend is deep in la-la land, so he goes for the jugular]

Statler: You're right Walddy, that Sergio is a real Casanova. But what about Carl?

Waldorf (punch-drunk voice): Carl? He's S&A's Dennis The Menace

Statler: And Darkan?

Waldorf (woosey voice): he's S&A's Samuel Jackson

Statler: And one more… what about Ms. TroubleMaker?

Waldorf: Uh… ahh… oh… yeah… her name says it all… she's young trouble hanging around every post on Tyler Perry and interracial couples movies. **BELCH** I said… children… **passes gas** I said children are best when they're [Waldorf slowly falls into a nod but wakes back up] I said children should be seen and not heard"

[Statler is feeling a wee bit guilty for taking advantage of Waldorf's present state of disorientation, so he decides to wake him up but he does so in a that, well…]

Statler: "hey Waldorf, wake up man, you're making a fool of yourself and putting folks dirty laundry all out in the street"

[Waldorf doesn't respond so his friend pours warm water on his hands. Waldorf's "woody" rises and…]

Statler: OMG… hey man, wake yo ass up, you're pissing all over the place. Please, I'm sorry, wake yo drunkass up and tell me about Tanya Steele.

[Waldorf's stream stops long enough for him to mumble a few words ]

Waldorf (still heavily sedated): "I see… uh… **belch/nod/belch/fart** I see a city… a young man"

Statler whispers: "good, now, what else?"

"It's Ferguson Missouri… it's Michael Brown, he has been shot"

[Statler realizes he's referring to the killing of the young black kid in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. He doesn't know why his friend has drifted to that hot button issue, so he asks]

"But Waldorf, what are you doing there?"

"Well Stat, although I may have damn near killed myself with drinks and drugs, I am fine now. Besides, even an intoxicated fool knows Tanya Steele will take advantage of this new racial issue by writing an article and tagging it something like "Brown's Brown Body On Our TV, Lets Pray: Oh lord, what we gonna do now?"

"Damn man, that's cold"

"I agree, so tuck me in and turn out the light so I can get some sleep"

Fade To Black….


Thanks Sergio!

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