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Stephenie Meyer to Produce Lois Duncan’s Down a Dark Hall

Stephenie Meyer to Produce Lois Duncan's Down a Dark Hall

Though the Twilight film series wrapped up in 2012, Stephenie Meyer continues to flex her producing muscles in Hollywood. 

Up next for the YA author is an adaptaion of Lois Duncan’s 1974 boarding-school thriller Down a Dark Hall. The novel follows Kit Gordy, the newest student at a four-student school (yes, you read that right) full of prodigies and supernatural occurrences. Kit eventually realizes that the headmistress is exploiting her students for her own gain. 

In addition to the Twilight films and The Host, Meyer produced the Keri Russell romance Austenland.

Duncan is also the author of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Hotel For Dogs.

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During my first year in film school, I took a screenwriting class on focused on adaptations. The teacher asked us all to present something we wanted to adapt. I came in with "Down a Dark Hall," and the teacher sneered at my idea. No one was interested in making movies about teen girls, she said. It was just a silly idea and a waste of time. I stuck with my idea and tried to put up with her snarky comments every time I presented something, but wimpy little 20 something that I was, I eventually gave up. I stopped going to that class, handing in just enough assignments to get the bare minimum passing grade and forgot all about making a movie out of that book. Now look–how times have changed…for the much, much better.

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