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Thankfully, ‘The Equalizer’ Gets an “R” Rating From the MPAA (No Surprise Here)

Thankfully, 'The Equalizer' Gets an "R" Rating From the MPAA (No Surprise Here)

I don’t know
about you, but I’m tired of all these safe, for the kiddies, PG-13 rated
movies, and instead hunger for some more adult-themed R-rated pictures.

fortunately, there are a whole bunch of them coming this fall, such as the WW II film “Fury” (which is reportedly extremely graphic and disturbing, and definitely a “hard”
R), “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” “Birdman,” “Horns,” “Foxcatcher,” “Gone Girl,” “Nightcrawler” and, joining the list, and no surprise, is Denzel
Washington/Antoine Fuqua’s “The Equalizer.”

The film received an R rating from the MPAA this week for “strong bloody violence and language throughout, including some sexual

In fact, Fuqua
recently said that it was his intention from the get-go to make a “hard” R rated film. As
he was quoted: “The violence you witness is Denzel
doing it and we’re taking some visual effects and doing some things and you see
something happen it’s happening in front of you as opposed to cutting away and
doing a bunch of tricks. It’s in front of you… So it’s hard not to make it a hard
‘R’ if you see a guy get punched and teeth wind up in someone’s knuckles, you
know what I mean? I don’t think you can get away with a PG. (laughter) Some
other things I can tell you, you’ll never look at corkscrews again. (laughter)
I’ll tell you that. It’s hardcore. There’s some stuff that even I go, ‘Wow,
okay’. (laughter) We’ll see what happens.”

Can’t wait.
Sounds like fun times.

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I too am sick of all these watered down, sanitized, kid friendly action and horror movies, it’s getting so old it’s not even funny, it’s no wonder I always avoid all the PG-13 slop being thrown at us and wait till something with a hard R slapped onto it comes out, the younger viewers have their hunger games, maze runner, and Disney bullshit, let us adults have the bloody, gory, and gritty stuff


The equalizer is such a badass movie, uncle Denzel just never ceases to amaze :-), this is one of the many Hard R Rated action films that give all the kid friendly suck fests being shoved down our throats a lot lately the big fat middle finger and tells all the younger viewers to go away


now see I’m mad as hell.. that movie left me wanting more… man… I loved the tv show and that movie was outstanding

The Equalizer



P.S. I heard from a friend who saw the film yesterday at a pre-Toronto film Festival screening and he d said yes it is definitely a "hard" R movie. Very violent and the bad guys just their just desserts in various nasty ways. Washington, he said, is very good in the film though the climax is somewhat protracted


That was the downfall of "Expendables 3" the PG-13 rating. But I understand why they did it. At the sametime parents aren't going to take their kids to see your film just because it's PG-13. Really glad to see "The Equalizer" has a hard 'R' the way it should be.

Dankwa Brooks

I never thought FUQUA or DENZEL for that matter was interested in a PG-13, but you know studio interference. Mostly studio people who have NO IDEA what it takes to make a film "work".

Like SERGIO "I’m tired of all these safe, for the kiddies, PG-13 rated movies, and instead hunger for some more adult-themed R-rated pictures." I'm a grown ass man dog, I like my sex and violence. And sometimes I like it in films. #Rimshot

I get the PG-13 for YA Fiction and such, but anytime EXPENDABLES 3 is PG-13, a series known for its over the top violence and action that's a problem and I think helped contribute to its box office failure.


This is fantastic news! Thanks Sergio, I was so concerned about this.

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