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‘The Raid’ Remake Eyes Taylor Kitsch To Lead

'The Raid' Remake Eyes Taylor Kitsch To Lead

First it was the Hemsworth brothers, and then it was Frank Grillo, and it seems the folks behind “The Raid” remake are still working through their wishlist options. So today another name has surfaced for the leading part in the unnecessary redo, and we’ll see if this sticks or not.

The Wrap reports that Taylor Kitsch has been offered the lead role in the movie. Currently, Kitsch has some better options on the table, notably a possible role in “True Detective” season two, but “The Raid” wouldn’t get in the way of that. In fact, production on “True Detective” is supposed to wrap up by January, which is when “The Raid” redo would start, so theoretically, it could all work out. But then again, that’s if Kitsch wants the part in the movie that will be directed by the guy who made “The Expendables 3” (Patrick Hughes).

We’d wager that Kitsch might have aspirations for better things, but who knows. Stranger things have happened, and maybe after potentially brooding in “True Detective” for a few months, he’ll need the release of a brainless action flick.

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I agree with the two comments below… and believe that offered the right roles moving forward Taylor Kitsch has the talent and ability to win over the minds of men and to live in the hearts of women. He is a badass man's man with the range to play not only an empathetic sensitive guy who appeals to women but to further slay it in his role as a conflicted gay man.

I write this with the experience of having observed that my husband, a badass rugged yet refined man's man himself respects TK as an actor. The female reaction to Taylor Kitsch is self-explanatory, and I recently read that women now represent fifty-two percent of the moviegoing public.


After he made ​​me fall in love with the personality of Bruce Niles( the normal heart movie ) I realized that this guy is a divine actor, talented and unique
Wish him much success in all that he wants and chooses to do


Taylor is an amazing actor.He is very talented…..he is awesome!
Taylor was great in John Carter and Battleship.I love those movies….I love all his movies.
I wanna see him in True Detective but hope he gets both of the rules….I believe in him,I know he has talent in acting so…..wish him the best and whatever happens I'll always support this amazing man!
He is perfect.


I'm not in the habit of spewing my opinions on the Internet, but lately I've found this relentless anti-Kitsch chatter mystifying. John Carter was a perfectly charming and well-done Disney Sci-Fi film, in fact more unusual than most being based on the Barsoom series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was wonderful in it, as was leading lady Lynn Collins. Battleship was exactly what it was meant to be. A military Sci-Fi movie based on a Hasbro board game. It was entertaining, and he did a fine job in that too. It's unfortunate that these films didn't do as well as they could have but this seems to be a recent pattern with some of these big blockbusters as well as medium budget films that were expected to do well and didn't. These were among the first to suffer from this ongoing pattern and somehow Taylor Kitsch was solely blamed, even though there were other responsible parties in the making of this film and reasons why this happened. It seems without fully understanding this people jumped on the bandwagon and are still parroting this blame two years later. Even after he so completely inhabited his heart-wrenching role of a gay character in The Normal Heart. This is serious talent and he should have been nominated for an Emmy, but I have no doubt he will have many awards to come. I recently saw The Bang Bang Club and he was exquisite in that film too.

Taylor Kitsch will bring his exceptional talent and quality to any role he plays. I'm not a fan of films like The Raid, but I've read the screenwriter's take on this version might be more of a post 9/11 drug world/terrorist connection plot so it could be interesting. I'll watch it because he's in it if he takes the role, but I'd much rather see Taylor Kitsch in True Detective. What's the holdup with True Detective anyway? I love the casting ideas and am intrigued by what I've heard of the story for season two. I'm ready to see Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Elizabeth Moss and Vince Vaughn occupy this dark world as it has been described. Let's get the show on the road Nic Pizzolatto and HBO.


To begin with….Why do we need every non-Hollywood property made into a Hollywood turd. Case in point- Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. The Swedish movies were such a gem, but Hollywood had to try to make it. Result, not even Fincher,Mara and James Bond could save it.

The Raid movies are just Awesome. Watch the English dubbed versions if you can't tolerate the language/subtitles. But please don't ruin them. And then to add John Carter to it, Oh crap!


You guys' hear that? I think I just heard the sound of a movie bombing from the moment casting news was posted…wow. That's a record.

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