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Thoughts on Aaron McGruder’s New Adult Swim Series ‘Black Jesus’ After Last Night’s Premiere?

Thoughts on Aaron McGruder's New Adult Swim Series 'Black Jesus' After Last Night's Premiere?

Sadly, this fell rather flat for me. Maybe I was too excited for it, and my expectations were too high, and thus impossible to meet. But I just expected something more. It could be one of those situations in which the trailer had the best bits, and that there just isn’t enough material to stretch throughout a half-hour show. Maybe it’ll actually work better as a web series, with each episode clocked at around 5 easily-digestible minutes; they then go viral, we all have a good laugh anticipating the next 5-minute clip, and so on…

So what happens now? Well, I’ll continue watching. Maybe there’ll be episodic highlights here and there. I typically give new series 3 episodes before deciding whether to continue watching. So it’s not entirely over for me. After a few more episodes, I’ll give a more informed analysis, especially if I decide to drop it.

But what did you think of last night’s season premiere of Adult Swim’s new half-hour live-action scripted comedy “Black Jesus,” from writer/producer, Aaron McGruder?

Will you be back for seconds, or are you done? Was it love at first sight, and you can’t wait for the next episode? Chime in below, in the comments section.

The series finds Jesus living in present day Compton, CA on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood, with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.

Newcomer Gerald “Slink” Johnson stars as “Black Jesus.” 

Charlie Murphy, Corey Holcomb, John Witherspoon, Kali Hawk, Andra Fuller, Antwon Tanner, Andrew Bachelor, Angela Gibbs, and Valenzia Algarin round out the starring cast.

McGruder is executive producer through his 5 Mutts Productions, along with director Mike Clattenburg, LEG’s Norman Aladjem, John Bravakis and Stu Schreiberg, with Robert Wise and Meghann Collin.

Watch the trailer below:

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I saw the preview and figured it was going to be ok… but after lasting only about ten mins. into that first ep… good gracious of life.. nothing but crap.. It would've been ok but they did that show all wrong


Yeah, I (unfortunately) have to agree that it was not very funny. The trailer was very funny, though, so I'll still be watching, waiting to see how this show builds.




I agree that it couldn't cash its check. There were some moments where I smiled but for the most part I sat on my couch blank-faced. I expected there to be some backgound on why Black Jesus made his "second coming" and but instead the episode starts as if most people knows he's there and knows who he is… and no one is questioning it. Felt like I missed something.

But… I've been watching old Seinfeld re-runs starting at the very first episodes and, damn, I forgot how bad, boring, and unfunny they were. With that in mind, I'm willing to stick it out for a few more episodes. Odds are I may ditch after episode 3 and wait until the 2nd season.

It probably would have been better as a 5 minute web series…. esp. if it doesn't get any better.


It was not funny nor was it really interesting, insightful or entertaining. I kept feeling uncomfortably like I (black folks) wasn't the intended audience, that the intended audience was white folks; I started having a Dave Chappelle moment thinking, "This shit is to make white people laugh at us. Okay, time to exit stage left." But I don't know. I didn't feel that the Boondocks was like that, and as a result, I have a bit of faith in Aaron McGruder. So I'm willing to keep watching for a few episodes – pilots are rarely good. Even some of the best shows have "meh" pilots. Although I will say: most of my favorite shows had pilots that were at least entertaining. The Boondocks pilot was absolutely entertaining, insightful, and hilarious. I always give shows with interesting concepts at least a few episodes. So we'll see…

Monique A Williams

I was expecting it to be pretty cheesy and it was. The parts I laughed at, I laughed heartily. It was more about the concept like "Damn, Jesus hogs the blunt?"
Its fun to see someone else play with the fable of Jesus.


It was kinda wack. But i will keep watching as well. I was lookingo for a little more depth. I think it already exists there. The message is Jesus really did hang with sinners and may have a life that resembles a hippie, potsmokere
. I think thats where Mcgruder is going so i will watch. But it wasnt really funny

floyd webb

You get what you deserve.

Me, i ain't watching this predictable, stereotype perpetuatin' bullshit.

Thanks for the Trailer. And to Mr. McGruder, dude….you coulda been a contendahhhh!!!


Same sentiment. I never laughed. Kept waiting for a moment of brilliance or something clever but every gag was predictable. Once you got past the initial gag of Jesus being in the hood, there wasn't much there.


I watched and didn't smile once. A show this edgy and controversial has got to deliver the laughs; it didn't. It was dreadful.


I loved it lol

Can't wait for the next episode

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