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Throwback Thursday: Promoting The Three Stooges

Throwback Thursday: Promoting The Three Stooges

An ad like this was never intended to be seen by
the public. It appeared in the trade publication Motion
Picture Herald
in 1935 to encourage theater owners to book Columbia’s new
comedy short subject series featuring the Three Stooges. Once the series was
established Columbia rarely spent money promoting it like this, which makes the
ad all the more unusual. Incidentally,
Columbia continued producing Three Stooges comedies through the late 1950s, and
then kept the shorts in circulation for years to follow.

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Scott T. Rivers

Interestingly, Howard, Fine and Howard were not billed as the Three Stooges in Columbia publicity – which did not occur until "Pardon My Scotch" (1935).

Tony Caruana

Uncivil Warriors is my favourite Stooges film ever since I first saw it when I was ten years old in 1954.


Great promotional item, gives you an insight into the world of the Stooges, you gotta love those captions…maybe LM could find those shorts and/ or cartoons…missing…?

Terry Bigham

In the Stooges' second Columbia short, "Punch Drunks", Curly was billed under his real name along with Moe and Larry as the creators of the story ths short was based on. (Jack Cluett is billed as the screenwriter) Not one of Columbia's other short series, such as those starring Charley Chase or Joe Di Reda (later to be the final Stooge), nor any of their early cartoons have been shown on TV.


Interesting that Curly was billed as "Jerry" rather than under his stage name. Was this typical?

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