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Trailer: ‘Girlfriends’ Getaway’ (Garcelle Beauvais, Terri J. Vaughn, Malinda Williams, Essence Atkins)

Trailer: 'Girlfriends' Getaway' (Garcelle Beauvais, Terri J. Vaughn, Malinda Williams, Essence Atkins)

TV One will premiere the 2-hour original movie, “Girlfriends’ Getaway,” which stars Garcelle Beauvais, Terri J. Vaughn, Malinda Williams and Essence Atkins, in a dramedy, shot entirely on location in Trinidad, that tells the story of an innocent birthday getaway taken by 4 longtime friends that turns into a life changing adventure. 

Beauvais stars as Vicky Holmes, a successful business owner, who is outwardly hitting a stride in love and life. However, just days before a romantic birthday trip, she is blindsided by her boyfriend’s decision to relocate and end their relationship. Vicky ultimately decides to bring her best girlfriends – who are all facing turning points in their lives as well – with her, for a grown-up girls getaway in Trinidad. After their first wild night, an innocent mistake sets off a chain of events that will forever change each of their lives. When the very pregnant Sophie (played by Vaughn) is kidnapped and held for $10,000 ransom, the remaining girls have 24-hours to come together in order to get Sophie back safely or end up in jail.

Set to air on Saturday, August 30 at 8PM/ET – with an encore at 11PM/ET and at 11AM/ET on Sunday, August 31st – “Girlfriends’ Getaway” is directed by Roger M. Bobb (“Raising Izzie”), who also served as the film’s Executive Producer with Angi Bones serving as Producer. 

The film was written by Cas Sigers-Beedles, and is a co-production between Bobbcat Films and Siger’s and Vaughn’s Nina Holiday Entertainment.

“As summer winds down this Labor Day weekend, we are excited to bring this hilarious and fun film to our audience to serve as a reminder to appreciate our friendships every day,” said D’Angela Proctor, SVP of Programming and Production for TV One.

The first trailer for the upcoming telepic has surfaced and is embedded below:

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osman sesay

l really wont to get in touch with one of u

Joanne Johnson

Seeing local talent hold their own on screen next to experienced US actors is worth the time and effort of this made-for-TV dramedy, now out at Movie Towne for its world premiere, cinematic release. GG is the expected blend of US comedy formula but with all the right and refreshing Trini flavours we all know and love, and long to share with the world. We look good and sound good and contribute our unique specialties "just so", helping to mark all the right comical beats in this easy breezy chick flick that boyfriends will enjoy too. Girlfriends does not pretend to be something it's not, nor try to be more than what it is, and the outcome of that, is that it nails what it set out to do. It's an efficient, professional production, with seamless coherent directing, inclusive writing and energetic acting. (I'd be surprised if at least a couple of the local actors don't go on to attract other opportunities from this showreel.)As we embark upon the potential and possibilities as film makers, product placement investors and movie-goers, GG offers a milestone in TT Film worth marking with our local support.

Dave's Deluxe

"As summer winds down this Labor Day weekend, we are excited to bring this hilarious and fun film to our audience to serve as a reminder to appreciate our friendships every day," said D’Angela Proctor.

I have it on full authority that this movie is neither hilarious nor fun. Additionally, I am reasonably certain it will, in fact, NOT remind me to appreciate my friends, but it will indeed help me to appreciate good writing and direction.

May I also respectfully add that Malinda Williams is still on my list of "Sexy Ladies I Would Totally Pay For Dinner For." Yes, that's my title and I'm sticking to it.

Valeeda Davidson



Roger M. Bobb is a producer on a lot of Tyler Perry films. Nuff said!

The Truth

You got that right. Roger Bobb is a SUPER COON. Hoping his career dies soon…

look like some Stepin Fetchit shit to me


This looks like a poor use of good talent

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