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Tyler Perry Didn’t Know David Fincher’s Films Or What ‘Gone Girl’ Was When He Signed Up For The Movie

Tyler Perry Didn't Know David Fincher's Films Or What 'Gone Girl' Was When He Signed Up For The Movie

It’s Tyler Perry‘s world and Tyler Perry is living in it, according to Tyler Perry. The writer/director/actor/producer/Madea, rarely lends his talents to projects that don’t involve his creative hand somewhere in the mix, and when he does, his choices range randomly from the already forgotten thriller “Alex Cross” to the blockbuster “Star Trek.” But, again according to Perry, he doesn’t like to sign up for high profile projects, so why “Gone Girl“? Because he had no idea who David Fincher was.

“I probably would have walked away from it. If I had known who David Fincher was, and his body of work, or if I’d known the book was so popular, I would have said, No,” Perry told Yahoo. “And my agent knew that! He didn’t tell me until after I signed on!”

In fairness to Perry, a thriller like Gillian Flynn‘s “Gone Girl” might simply not be his thing, and so it’s entirely possible he didn’t know about the best-selling book (and we’re sure a lot of the people seeing the movie won’t have read it either). So fine, he gets a pass for that. However, to be a director and not know David Fincher’s films or even who he is, well, we’re not quite sure what that’s about. Needless to say, nobody tell Perry what’s in the box at the end of “Se7en.”

While the stories of Fincher’s exacting method of multiple takes on set are legion, Perry said the director was “always smiling, and his only memorable multiple take experience involved throwing gummies at Ben Affleck‘s head. Okay…. 

“Gone Girl” opens on October 3rd. 

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And we were all hoping to god he didn't take the part. Most talentless man in Hollywood. Right up there with Michael Bay. And not only is he talentless, but also culturally clueless.

Militant Black Man

What the hell, is this "Laugh At The Black Man" day? Don't PISS ME OFF— uh…

Wait– sorry, folks. I thought this was a post about something else. Yeah, Tyler Perry actually is a complete fool and an embarrassment who brags about his ignorance to the media.

Sigh. The struggle indeed continues, I suppose. Well then, pip-pip and carry on, folks.


Early onset dementia or total bullsh*t.

You decide.


Tyler Perry should get out of the movie business right now, if he could sign up for a movie in 2013 without knowing who David Fincher was. I already had a low opinion of Tyler Perry before reading this article, but this seriously nails it down. What a waste of air, that talentless moron.


if he had no idea who David Fincher was..and had never heard of the novel..then WHY would he have said 'yes' ? (having read the shooting draft of the script and it was BLECH IMO)


Impossible. They've been in the same room at award shows. He's just gassing himself up.


Wow….the sheer Ignorance on Tyler Perry's part. Mind-boggling. Then again, this is Madea….so who cares….


Isn't it possible that many in the black community are just as interested in a film culture that doesn't reflect their lives as the white community? Maybe he's only really concerned with films and film makers who figure on the radar of his life and experience. It's funny that we can discuss the way white audiences don't show or care for films with black themes made by black film makers, but take it for granted minorities are fascinated by films made by white film makers for white audiences.


Im sure Mr. Fincher has no idea who Tyler Perry/Madea is.


I'm just laughing at this. Even people who aren't movie buffs or Fincher fans know who he is.


… I just vomited a little in my mouth.

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