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Watch: 11 of the Very Best Bad Accents in Movies

Watch: 11 of the Very Best Bad Accents in Movies

There’s a lot to love in the new film “Frank,” including star Michael Fassbender’s American accent (albeit inside a paper-mache head). But that hasn’t always been the case.

Fassbender struggled between a tone that fell somewhere between Irish and his native German in “X-Men: First Class.” At Indiewire, there’s debate over his voice’s efficacy in “12 Years A Slave” — some feel it captured the character’s venal spirit, while others think he wavered between cruel plantation owner and Foghorn Leghorn.

We know it’s not easy. But it can be a lot of fun to watch, which is why we’ve compiled some of our picks for the best worst accents. 

But for every Meryl Streep (Danish! Polish! Julia Child!), or Australian Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-winning portrayal of a self-absorbed American in “Blue Jasmine,” there is the Brooklyn-born Anne Hathaway struggling to sound like a Northern English lass in “One Day.” Or a Kevin Costner in… anything that requires him to sound like someone other than Kevin Costner.

Bask in the glory of Keanu Reeves attempting to turn his natural Southern California cadence into that of a proper 19th-century Brit. Revel in the caricature that is Dick Van Dyke’s cockney chimney sweep. And listen to Julia Roberts ask after Dr. Jekyll and his”AIL-ness.” 

Check out the video below, and make sure to tell us other accents you love to hate in the comments.

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You can tell someone’s a real authority on accents when they get so specific as to call something a ‘British’ accent.


Brad Pitt’s is a unique pleasure and shouldn’t apply to "worst accents". Good round-up otherwise, except I was really hoping to find some Tim Curry on here. Bless his talented soul, but he really knows how to mangle an accent (see: "Congo")


What about Don Cheadle in Ocean’s 11, worst British accent ever. And Brad Pitt’s Irish traveller accent was spot on, impossible to understand a word they say.


Brad Pitt’s accent is supposed to be that of an Irish/British traveller and believe me it is not that far off.


Liam Neeson in Taken and Brendan Gleeson in Green Zone

Ying-Fu Li

Pitt in ‘Snatch’ was not supposed to be a British accent so his name shouldn’t be on this list.

James M.

Casey, I think you’re going to have to whip out some examples of critics that criticized Fassbender’s voice in 12 Years a Slave (and more than just one), because honestly, I don’t recall ever hearing one complaint to that effect.

Akash Arora

Even Hugh Jackman’s accent in Real Steel was utterly confusing and inconsistent.


Bradd Pitt’s accent in Snatch was Pikey. And it was supposed to be indecipherable.


Um, Michael Fassbender is German but grew up in Ireland so no shit his accent sounds like a cross between the two.

Jon C

Fassbender’s performance overall was outstanding. You should compile a list of British actors trying to do American accents. Not nearly as horrid as these, but still some offenders worthy of mention.

Jon C

All American actors in this video. The Brits and Aussies are much more proficient with accents. That training overseas, can’t beat it. Michael Fassbender’s accent was top notch btw.


Fassbender didn’t sound like Foghorn leghorn in 12 years a slave. His accent was n’t bad.


Isn’t Brad Pitt’s accent supposed to be a bit ridiculous?

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