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Watch: 20 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Including Alternate Ending

Watch: 20 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes From 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Including Alternate Ending

Last month, some details emerged about the plot elements of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2that were dropped or changed. It now looks like many of those elements have emerged in a compilation of deleted scenes for the movie, which have wormed their way online. Running twenty minutes long, the footage includes scenes with the quality everyone wanted more from the widely unloved Marc Webb film: Campbell Scott.

Yep, Peter Parker’s Dad takes center stage in an alternate ending, which sees him reemerge after the death of Gwen Stacy, visiting his son at her grave in a scene that would have appeared in place of a montage of the seasons in the finished movie. Naturally, Peter is freaked out to see his previously thought-to-be-dead Dad return in the flesh, but he does receive some parental advice in the form of one of the most iconic lines in the series. Elsewhere, everyone keeps forgetting Electro’s birthday, Harry Osborn reveals a suit of armor, Gwen visits Aunt May, and we get more Emo-Man, looking at the skyline.

Do these scenes indicate a better movie was hiding in plain sight? Or is it just further proof the sequel was a bit of mess? Tell us below. [via Comic Book Movie]

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wtf are they using the score from the ending of the return of the king at the boat thing for that first scene with peter and his dad?

like the background score sounds the exact same lol.


The man in the first scene should have been Nick Fury :-D That would have been much cooler.


Wow, I never knew Indiewire was so unprofessional. Great job guys! You definitely know how to write a non-bias, well thought out article!


The first Amazing Spider-Man was crap. The second film is way better.

Muhesh SPaleesh

And Indieswire's anti TASM series tirade continues….

So unprofessional, pathetic


Such a shame. No Shailene Woodley even in the deleted scenes. I am disappointed.


Holy Lord of the Rings soundtrack, Batman.

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