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Watch: David Lynch’s Ice Bucket Challenge is the Only One You Need to See

Watch: David Lynch's Ice Bucket Challenge is the Only One You Need to See

Are you getting tired of watching zillions of ice bucket challenges? We guarantee you’re going to want to watch this one.

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David Lynch has accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge from Laura Dern and Justin Theroux. Dern challenged him to use iced coffee, which he mixes into one of his two buckets. Telling you any more would ruin the surprise of Lynch’s goofy yet fabulous video — and wait until you hear whom he challenges at the end. Check it out below. 

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wowo i fell for this headline. i can only blame myself


Why would you use such a crappy video player and have so many annoying ads? I am never visiting this site again


And this was the best WHY? Author must be a Lynch fan. I wish she’d just have watched "Wild At Heart" and called it day; this "challenge" was rambling at best.


Worst challenge yet, not even a mention of ALS or the option to donate. And what a great idea to nominate a guy living in a place where icewater is considered warm and nice.


I kept rewinding looking for the fabulous part.


Busta Rhymes? That you?


Well, after spending a minute of my life watching this, I can say with out a shodow of a doubt that Casey, the author of this piece, is easily excitable.

Jo Ann

Really? Benedict Cumberbatch’s is MUCH more clever. Look it up on YouTube.

I love casey

Casey isn’t a goober, but your mom is.


who is Vun Disul?


Come on people, that is brilliant.

Gul Ramani

the video had good colors to start with. playing a musical instrument was a good moment but the vid lacked the fun moment.


Agreed with Denzel and Casey Hater. Cool video, but not great enough for you to label it as "The only one you need to see". Casey you are adding to the trend of crappy click-bait media. Don’t sell your soul for a quick buck.

Tim Von Venn

Should have nominated Nicolas Cage or Kyle Maclaghlan


you know, know Weird Al already challenged Putin about 3 weeks ago.


Denzel?? That you?

Casey Hater

Casey is a goober

Mark Gubarenko

Vin Diesel already nominated Putin.

Bob Bradley

Dude, I don’t have a clue who you are (wife says you’re a movie director), but I think you are a super cool guy. Best wishes !!!

Denzel Worshington

Did my grand mom write this? Casey you are a goober.

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