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Watch: Desire Blooms Between Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell in First Clips From TIFF Entry ‘Miss Julie’

Watch: Desire Blooms Between Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell in First Clips From TIFF Entry 'Miss Julie'

Conventionally speaking, summer is considered the season of love. For cinephiles, however, the love affair with new releases actually begins in the fall with the festival season, which makes it very appropriate that the the world premiere of Liv Ullman’s adaptation of August Strindberg’s iconic play, “Miss Julie,” has been scheduled for early next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In anticipation of the film’s world premiere just around the corner, the first set of clips have been released. These two clips, which you can watch below, feature two passionate confrontations between the film’s main characters; the first of which is physical and the second of which is verbal, demonstrating not only the chemistry between Chastain and Farrell, but also their breadth as actors.

Written by Strindberg in 1888, “Miss Julie” is a story that shatters the boundaries between class in the name of love. Chastain plays Miss Julie, the daughter of a count; Farrell plays Jean, a manservant in Miss Julie’s father’s household. Sparks fly between Miss Julie and Jean, despite the fact that Jean is engaged to marry the cook, who is played by Samantha Morton. In the screen adaptation, Ullman re-locates the setting of the film from Sweden to Northern Ireland.

Watch and let your heart swell with love and hope.

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Tom Farrell

The director’s name is spelled Liv Ullmann.


Great, except that Miss Julie is NOT about star-crossed class-incompatible love. Get your facts right, Indiewire


It looks great. Can’t wait to watch the movie. :)

Karyn Giroux

Looks like a great movie! Can’t wait to see

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