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Watch: First Trailer For Sci-Fi ‘Automata’ Starring Antonio Banderas

Watch: First Trailer For Sci-Fi 'Automata' Starring Antonio Banderas

Automata is, you know, my baby. And why I say that is because I produced the movie, besides being also the star of it,” Antonio Banderas recently said in a Reddit AMA about his forthcoming “Automata.” “It’s actually an approach to science fiction in a very European way, in an independent way,” he continued. “It’s a movie about concept that is [a] philosophical, scientific concept called singularity, which is the time in which machines actually overcome the human mind. So it’s a very reflective philosophical science fiction, going back to the science fiction I love, like Isaac Asimov. That’s the type of movie we tried to do.” So you sci-fi heads better pay attention, as the first trailer for the movie has arrived.

Co-starring Melanie Griffith and Dylan McDermott and directed by Gabe Ibáñez, the movie follows an insurance agent of the ROC robotics corporation who investigates the illicit manipulation of a robot. But what he discovers will have profound consequences for the future of humanity. And frankly, it all sounds a little “I, Robot” to us (the Asimov book, not the Will Smith movie).

“Automata” opens on in theatres and On Demand on October 10th.

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the title says "watch" but there is no trailer to watch here…


Consciousness in machines will always be an interesting topic.
Can anyone mention a movie in which consciousness in machines was explained other than it just suddenly happened?
Matrix, Terminator, I Robot, A.I., all these movies never explained how they machines became sentient. They all elaborate in the machines' reaction after the fact.
Explain creatively how they become aware and then elaborate in what actions the machines will take next.
I hope this movie is in that path of explaining consciousness.


This looks like it might have been good if placed in the hands of the right director. As it stands, the actors' inflections are all over the map (which is why the dialog sounds dissonant and student film-y). This usually indicates a director unskilled at working with actors, a director lacking a nuanced grasp of the language he is directing in, or both.

In any case, its a problem.


you clearly have not read Asmov


I wonder if Melanie Griffith recognizes the irony of being in a movie that discusses alterations as a central theme. At any rate, this actually looks more interesting than I anticipated.

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