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Watch: Indiewire Picks 8 of the Best Female Coming-Of-Age Films

Watch: Indiewire Picks 8 of the Best Female Coming-Of-Age Films

While Richard Linklater’s "Boyhood" is emerging as one of the year’s biggest indie hits, we got to thinking about girlhood. Transitioning from a girl to a young woman in contemporary society presents its own unique set of challenges, trials, and tribulations. The landscape of indie film is rife with these stories. 

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At the same time anyone can make a movie. Make one yourself

Daniel Delago

I’d include 2011’s ‘Margaret’ starring Anna Paquin. It’s her best performance and a film that went under the radar due to legal red tape between the filmmaker and distributor. ‘Beasts’ is overrated.


The Virgin Suicides is a lot of things, but not a female coming-of-age. Makes me wonder if the writer even watched the movie. Also, how poor is your knowledge in movies in general if you have to include a movie like "Hanna" in your top 8…


Yeah, even on this list, half the films are directed by men.


Great list.


I love all these movies (okay, I haven’t seen ‘Phoebe in Wonderland’ and ‘Hanna’ is a bit too stylized). In fact, I think I prefer girl coming-of-age film.
But for people who care about these things: five of them were directed by men, three were written by men, and three were adapted from novels … written by men.


well its true there are way more boy coming of age films and they generally sell really well but i guess girls make for better tv because there are way more girl coming of age shows than for boys.

Frank D

Please learn to copy edit: be specific and clear. "8 Best Female Coming-Of-Age AMERICAN INDIE FILMS SINCE 1998"

This is so narrow. Engage readers and bring in over a century of world cinema. Doesn’t anyone on this site know how to write advertorials any more? I understand it ceased to be a legit editorial site about independent film years ago, but come on….

Susan S

Did you forget about "Foxes" tho?


What about Manny & Lo? Great coming of age film with a young Scarlett Johansson.

I am a straight man who is a strong supporter of feminism

No love for Whale Rider, that’s a shame. Women are underrepresented on cinema in general and when they are depicted as strong central characters, it is usually through a man’s lens. Heck, half the films on this list were directed by men! It shows that there are not enough women filmmakers gaining mainstream exposure, which is disgraceful!


If these are the quality of films you’re willing to compare to BOYHOOD, then I’m much more excited to see it. I haven’t seen all of these, but there are a few straight-up masterpieces in there. Nicely done.


It’s not just one movie. It’s the overarching fact that there are just more films that explore boys growing up then girls. Probably due to the fact that men are often the ones directing. Which also needs to change. Please take you sexist comment elsewhere.

Also I love "God you suck"’s misogyny. Thanks for proving the point.


Isn’t it sad that we only get a girl coming-of-age film once every 1-3 years? How many boy ones have we had in the last two years alone? Reasons I don’t go to the theater anymore, basically.

Good god, it’s so pathetic. You are jealous that a movie is made about boys? Who in the heck writes this god awful blog?

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