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Watch: John Cusack Scams Ryan Phillippe In Trailer For Thriller ‘Reclaim’

Watch: John Cusack Scams Ryan Phillippe In Trailer For Thriller 'Reclaim'

While Nicolas Cage tends to get the brunt of criticism/derision for jobs likely accepted based on how many zeros appear on his paycheck, let’s pour one out for John Cusack. He has been sliding into a comfortable groove of forgettable movies (“Drive Hard,” “The Prince“), and so it goes with “Reclaim,” which you probably didn’t know existed. Well, it does.

Co-starring Ryan PhillippeRachelle LefevreJacki Weaver and Luis Guzman, the story follows an American couple who travel to Puerto Rico to finalize an adoption and pick up their seven year-old adoptee, only to they realize that (all together now, class!) things aren’t what they seem. There’s some sort of scam, Phillippe looks desperate, Guzman glowers, and websites can’t be found on iPads. Oh no! And oh yeah, Cusack hangs around, wearing a windbreaker and ballcap and looks sleazy. As for the Playlist? We wonder how the cast was convinced to show up for this turkey. Oh, that’s right! It had something to do with lots and lots of zeros.

“Reclaim” goes VOD and hits theatres on September 19th. [USA Today]

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If this movie is "really really good" why is it going straight to VOD? 90% of all films that do so generally suck. I also find it very ironic and hypocritical for the other commenters bashing the writer for giving his opinion are the same douchebags who bash a big studio film

Sir Paul 1968

Must say I agree with other comments. The writer revels in high minded snark but to judge on premise alone is tired and sad. With this one he also shows how unconnected to Hollywood he is. This pic is legit- great story and cast and a worthy stab at making something you don't see often– a thriller for adults.

Linda Meyers

Really KJ who pooped in your cornflakes? Only a douche would go out of his way to slam a movie they haven't seen.

anthony calabrese

Just a heads up, you will be surprised by this one. The reason it attracted the cast i did was because it's really, really, good. Think Breakdown– and Cusack is superb.

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