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Watch: Log On To The New Trailer For ‘Open Windows’ Starring Elijah Wood And Sasha Grey

Watch: Log On To The New Trailer For 'Open Windows' Starring Elijah Wood And Sasha Grey

The Net,” “Firewall,” “Transcendence,” “Hackers,” “WarGames“….they’ve all tried to teach us the same lesson: computers can be bad news in the wrong hands. One mouse click, and you could be in deep trouble, and that’s pretty much the entire premise of “Open Windows” which takes you online for a slightly silly thriller.

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo (“Timecrimes,” “Extraterrestrial“), the movie tells the story of computer nerd (Elijah Wood), who is a big fan of a young actress (Sasha Grey). But the young man gets hacked by a dude with a weird agenda, and soon he’s getting much closer access to the actress than he ever thought possible. Catching the film at the Fantasia Film Festival, our own Nik Grozdanovic wrote in his review, ” the construction is clever enough to keep you interested until the end, even if the clearest message you end up taking away from the movie is how you should probably reformat your computer when you get home.” That sounds about right.

“Open Windows” boots up On Demand on October 2nd, and opens in theaters on November 7th.

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Dennis Harvey

In answer to LA2000, Wood apparently really, really likes horror movies. So it's not that his career is in the toilet (or that he's in debt, has a bad agent etc.), it's that he's chosen of late to star in and produce several B-type horrors because that's his particular enthusiasm. He's a fanboy.


If Sasha Grey doesn't have to black pipes up her ass while isn't gargling jizz Who Cares what she does?


Does Elijah Wood have a secret brood of kids that need orthodontia? Is he in too deep with a loan shark? Did he hire the same financial manager as Nicholas Cage?

He is suddenly everywhere. And not in a good way.

He has a potential hit in "Cooties." The rest of his line up looks highly questionable. Time for a new agent.

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