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Watch: New TV Spot For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ Reveals Fresh Footage And More Clues

Watch: New TV Spot For David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Reveals Fresh Footage And More Clues

Of all the moving parts in David Fincher‘s upcoming mystery “Gone Girl,” Rosamund Pike may have the most difficult role of anyone in the cast. The victim of the crime that puts her husband on the defensive and sends the media swarming, some of the narrative turns and spotlight of suspicion is due to her words delivered in voiceover, but with the missing woman not there to deliver them herself, Amy Dunne seems a bit of a mystery. However, the actress reveals a very interesting inspiration for her character: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, JFK Jr’s wife.

“There’s not much out there about her. You never heard her speak,” Pike told EW. “You just see those pictures of her hiding her face. The way she moved —I used quite a lot of that body language and mood. She’s the dream girl. That’s what Amy was for Nick. She’s the one you can’t get out of your head because she’s perfect.”

Check out this new TV spot, which features some new footage and more clues about the disappearance of Amy Dunne. Did Nick do it? What is he hiding? What was she hiding? Find out on October 3rd.

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This goes close to where the book went and this will be really great. I always think Fincher delivers and I expect he will again.


You never hear Amy speak? She even speaks in trailer….


Joanie Stubbs!!!!


That Trent Reznor score sounds amazing!

kindred spirit

Wow. Looks great. I JUST realized that Kim Dickens is also in Sons of Anarchy — she plays Colette! Lucky lady… she gets to make out with Charlie Hunnam and interrogate Batfleck! She is such a random actress but her resume is pretty impressive these last few years.


i was cool on this one after the first trailer but now its probably top 3 for me this fall.

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