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Weekend B.O. Aug. 15-17 (The Dog Days Of Summer)

Weekend B.O. Aug. 15-17 (The Dog Days Of Summer)

It’s been happening time and time again this season, so it’s no
surprise that it’s happened one more time, even during these dog days of summer – The
big drop-off.

Though “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” once again captured
the No.1 slot the second weekend in a row with $28.4 million, it dropped big by some 56% this weekend (which should give you an indication of just how
lackluster all the other new releases performed).

Though Paramount declared the film a
success last week, and announced that a sequel was in the works, TMNT is going to need some
very strong b.o. results overseas to have a chance to just break

As I have said before, these second weekend drop-offs must
be exasperating for the studios. It’s either that, people who really
want to see the film, come out the first weekend to see it, and the film stalls
after that, or the films get bad word of mouth; or both. 

Though the 56% drop-off for TMNT is huge, it doesn’t beat
this summer’s all time drop-off record of 69.2% for the second weekend, which goes to “The
Fault in Our Stars,” with “Godzilla” in second place, with a 66.8% second week
drop-off. However, it must be pointed out that “Fault’s” very modest
$12 million production cost, and its $267 million worldwide gross ($124 domestic), makes it one of the most successful films of the year.

“The Expendables 3,” one of the least necessary sequels in
recent memory, opened with the lowest opening weekend take of the entire franchise, stumbling with $16.2 million. No doubt Lionsgate will blame that superior
quality pirated copy of the film that was leaked online a few weeks ago, before the
film was released, for the lackluster results. Or maybe it was the tame
PG-13 rating that the film got. Or it could be the fact that the whole “Expendables” series is just totally played out.

“Let’s Be Cops,” which opened last Wednesday – a film that
could not come out at a worse time due to recent events, did good business, coming
in a surprising third with some $26 million to date.

“The Giver,” yet another young adult dystopian film
trying to capitalize on “The Hunger Games” (though it was based on a book
written over 20 years), also proved a non-starter at the box office, with just $12
million in its opening weekend.

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Par. $28,400,000  Total: $117,642,000 
2) Guardians of the Galaxy BV $24,735,000 Total: $222,281,000 
3) Let’s Be Cops Fox $17,700,000 Total: $26,107,000 
4) The Expendables 3 LGF $16,200,000 
5) The Giver Wein. $12,760,000 
6) Into The Storm WB $7,720,000 Total: $31,341,000 
7) The Hundred-Foot Journey BV $7,109,000 Total: $23,619,000
8) Lucy Uni. $5,317,000 Total: $107,537,000 
9) Step Up All In LG/S $2,700,000 Total: $11,849,000  
10) Boyhood IFC $2,150,000 Total: $13,801,000 
11) Hercules Par. $2,080,000 Total: $68,121,000 
12) Get On Up Uni. $1,905,000 otal: $27,005,000  

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Up In The Bacolny

Ava Duvernay's "Selma"? "Ni**erlover"? Nope. "Uncle Tom… Cracker?" Nope-nope, not even close. "Racist… what, I give up!"

[ Although this is Sergio's always interesting "weekend b.o. report", the 2 black muppets Up In The Balcony are clamoring for the days Ava DuVernay's "Selma" appears in the headlines. But they know any discussion on S&A's darling, may be greeted with… uh… well, intense scrutiny (The Evil Black Side-Eye). So, in anticipation of that inevitable quandary, Statler and Waldorf are engaged in a game of "Name That Person". The question/hint: Who is that person saying those things about the movie "Selma"? So, without further ado, let's eavesdrop on the mangy muppets up in S&A's balcony.

Waldorf: I told you man, I don't know. You said he wasn't a nig**lover, Uncle Tom, red neck, hater nor a racist, so I give up, who is it?

Statler: Well, if it was a snake it would have snatched yo ass b/c it's me!

Waldorf: What the hell!? Why didn't you keep it simple by asking who was the biggest damn fool @ S&A who thinks he knows every goddamn thang?

Statler: Please don't start slinging mud because I-can-do-that with the best down here in the bowels of this neighborhood. But listen, in my defense… yes, I do come off as a knowitall… I know that. However, from my perspective, I see myself (I try to convey this) as someone who takes a stance that is seen as unpopular or unconventional. You know, I am inclined to take a position I may not necessarily agree with for the sake of debate or to explore the thought further.

Waldorf: Ohhhhh, I get it, so the answer to your original question was, you're "The Devil's Advocate!"

Statler: EXACTAMENTE mi amigo.

Waldorf: So what does that make me? Who am I?

Statler: Well, I guess you'll have to be my Jess B. Simple.

Waldorf: See, I bet you didn't think I was up on Langston Hughes and that fictional character from Harlem. But I am, and I'm cool with that.

Statler: Great! So here's what I'm thinking. As Dwanka's post on Ava's film "Middle Of Nowhere" will attest to, folks here at S&A are in no hurry to discuss Ava's films. Wait, check that. As one reader said, those who may not have "enjoyed" or appreciated the film as much as the "good crowd" did, are hesitant to say so for fear of being labeled a hater, sell-out or Tyler Perry lover. Consequently, Dwanka's post, for the most part, went wanting.

Waldorf: So spit it out. All that to say what? and where do I fit in?

"Well, I've been thinking about proposing the possibility of you and I having a weekly post. You know… Up In The Balcony's view of the black films of the week… or something like that."

"Yeah man, I can see that working but nobody reads our stuff. Besides, have you ever talked with Tambay and the crew?"

"Have I!? Yes- I-have, but don't tell nobody. I've talked with Sergio, Tanya Steele, MsWoo, Tambay and several from the crew, all in the back lot. but again, don't tell noooooobody b/c guilt by association, even casual association can be… well… you know"

"Whatever… but for real-real, you've actually had conversations with all of them, off the board?"
"yes, on the real Hollyfield. That's the truth Ruth. In fact, in one such conversation Sergio patted me on my head and said "Thanks for backing me up in that debate".

"Oh man, that's so un-cool sucking up to Sergio as you're asking for inclusion in his club. Now get that brown stuff off your nose… you're making me sick"

"Hey man, I man gotta do what he gotta do. Besides, if nobody reads our mess, then no harm no foul. Anyway, what do you think? If we tone down our "blasts" and leaned toward PC-ness, and with a wee bit of editing, do you think we could headline a weekly post?

Waldorf: "I don't know, I'm a wee bit biased, so you'll have to ask the powers that be"

Statler: And who might that be?
"Well, since I've been knighted "Jess B. Simple", let just ask. You know, as the saying goes, if you build it they will come. So… "Hey yall eavesdroppers, what do you think? Two Thumbs Up? 2 garbage cans down? Somewhere in the middle? Or HELL NAWL!!! Or, if Masha Dowell, Monique A, and Nuni Benuni can get a shot at the big board, why not the 2 Mangy Muppets Up In The Balcony?

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