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Weekend B.O. Aug. 22-24 (Was This Trip Really Necessary?)

Weekend B.O. Aug. 22-24 (Was This Trip Really Necessary?)

Maybe I wasn’t
paying attention, but was there some sort of insatiable demand for another “Sin
City” movie?

The first
one released in 2005 wasn’t what one would call a huge box office smash, but it
did make a profit and was a genuine visual stunner. But unless I’m mistaken, it
never even developed any sort of massive cult following.

But after nine years, The Weinstein Co. thought it was a good idea (or a desperate one)  to make another one with Frank
Miller and Robert Rodriquez behind the camera, and this time in 3D. The
problem is that no one was really interested in seeing it.

True that
these are, as I said in my box office report last week, the dog days of summer
of late August and early September when studios usually dump films they feel
are of questionable box office interest. But “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” was
thought to do, at least, reasonably well this week.

It didn’t by
a long shot.

Grossing under
$6.5 million in 8th place, the
$70 million budgeted film is looking  to
be the biggest financial flop so far in Weinstein Co. history. Though the
somewhat good news is that the company did not finance the film totally by
itself, but through a group of separate investors and production companies. Though none of them can be too pleased at the results, and for sure there isn’t
going to be another “Sin City” movie ever again.

The film got
beaten by an $11 million sappy teenage romance, “If I Stay,” which came in second
with $16 million. But the real surprise is the resurgence of “Guardians of the
Galaxy.” The film roared
back into first place with just under $18 million this weekend and almost $252
million to date, and it’s nearing the half billion mark worldwide. It seems that
what was being called “Marvel Films’ biggest gamble” is paying off for them.

Meanwhile, “The Expendables 3” is completely out of gas. The very modestly budgeted “Let’s Be
Cops” has turned into a genuine late summer sleeper hit, and Richard Linklater’s
film “Boyhood” is the biggest grossing art house release so far this year.

1) Guardians of the Galaxy BV $17,631,000 Total: $251,884,000
2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Par. $16,800,000 Total:$145,610,000
3) If I Stay WB $16,355,000
4) Let’s Be Cops Fox $11,000,000 Total: $45,246,000
5) When the Game Stands Tall TriS $9,000,000
6) The Giver Wein. $6,730,000 Total: $24,101,000
7) The Expendables 3 LGF $6,600,000 Total: $27,519,000
8) Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For W/Dim. $6,477,000
9) The Hundred-Foot Journey BV $5,562,000 Total: $32,750,000
10) Into The Storm WB $3,800,000 Total: $38,301,000
11) Lucy Uni. $3,536,000 Total: $113,771,000
12) Boyhood IFC $1,864,000 Total: $16,526,000

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Erik you thinking like a Wall ST guy, The studios can't wait on some movies to make profits is because they are greedy. My opinion is everybody is jumping the gun before the movie has it's run, especially the overseas run. For all we know the movie could make more money Labor Day weekend than when it first came out, It's still to early to tell. If it was made for 150 or 200 million I would agree with you. We will continue this conversation later when we see it's run to see if it has any legs.

Erik Childress

Daryl, it took them NINE YEARS to make this movie. If there was any serious profit made in theaters they would have pushed to get another one out as soon as possible to strike while the iron was hot. The fact is that the original made a minor profit in theaters. A profit still, but a minor one, and then indeed did very well on DVD. Now you're saying that Sin City 2 will turn a profit in the coming years. Not much of an argument considering that can be said for just about every movie. Except studios cannot afford to just sit back and wait three years for all the home video revenue to turn around their failures. Sin City 2 could very well go from being a BOMB to just another loser in theaters, but if the paltry box office is any indication the cult just didn't care about this one. Its not John Carter or Jack the Giant Slayer or The Lone Ranger, but that doesn't mean its not going to be a loser. I'm all for waiting certain films out before declaring them BOMBS. Edge of Tomorrow is a perfect example. People declared Tom Cruise's career over. The film was still a loser for the studio but is a prime example of a film that is going to be discovered even further on DVD. And will likely make a profit for WB sooner than later. Sin City 2 is not that movie. It was dependent on the cult. And the cult stayed home or went to see Guardians of the Galaxy again. $180 million worldwide. That is the number Sin City 2 needs to hit to break even. It currently stands at $11.5 million


Erik I said it will make enough money at the box office that will ensure that this film turns a profit in the coming years, outside the box office revunue counts too. I see the film making between 75 to 150 million in it's worldwide gross. Erik you really think they would have made another movie if the first one didn't make a lot of money outside the box office. Yeah before you say it was a different world, I know that but it's still money to be made outside the box office and Sin City is one of those movies that are going to thrive outside the box office, let's see the finally box office totals worldwide, then we can continue this discussion.

Erik Childress

Daryl, you have to understand what kind of uphill battle Sin City 2 is facing. Forget about what it might make on home video for a second and just look at these numbers. Sin City 2 opened to less than Step Up All In and Winter's Tale. Consider that for a moment. Winter's Tale is one of the biggest bombs of the year and was budgeted at $46 million with an additional $34 for prints and advertising. It opened to $7.2 million, grossed $12.6 million in the U.S. total and just another $14.8 million overseas. Granted Sin City 2 will probably do more than that overseas. But let's break it down again. Sin City cost somewhere between $60-70 million. Let's split the difference and sat $65 with another $25 million reported for prints and advertising. $90 million total compared to Winter's Tale's $80. If we play optimist and say Sin City gets to $20 million in the U.S. it is still going to need $154 million (not counting the paltry $4.3 million its made so far) overseas for it to break even. That's almost TWICE as much as the original did overseas back in '05. It's not going to happen. Cult followings by definition are called that because they are a small group and I say that as a member of the cult. But let's not kid ourselves that this is a disaster for the Weinstein books this quarter and it could even challenge both The Expendables 3 and Hercules to be the biggest live-action bomb of the summer. Even if it matches the $84.6 million overseas the original did and it hits $20 million in the U.S. its still just a slightly smaller loser than Edge of Tomorrow, Get On Up and Jersey Boys


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Sin City has a cult following, it will turn a profit. It will make enough money overseas to cover most of it's budget and it will be one of those films that make money in the upcoming years. This is a testament what I've been saying for the longer, most of the US audience doesn't like creative films, they love watered down bs. You going to tell me it's not better than most of this bs comic book films that came out in the summer that made over a 100 million.


"Unless I’m mistaken, it never even developed any sort of massive cult following." Um, yeah it did.

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