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Weekend B.O. Aug. 8-10 (Michael Bay’s Hypnosis At Work)

Weekend B.O. Aug. 8-10 (Michael Bay's Hypnosis At Work)

O.K. maybe I’ve
got this wrong. I thought everyone hated Michael Bay. That’s all I ever hear.
And yet his films have made countless billions of dollars despite everyone
saying how much they hate his guts and that he’s the worst thing that ever happened
to cinema.

No wonder every time you see a picture of him, he’s always got this
smug smirk that you just want to smack off his face. Despite what you say, he still has some mysterious pull on you and still you go see his movies. What is
it? Hypnosis perhaps? Some secret subliminal message in all his movies?

So, it was
inevitable that, when it was announced that he would be producing a new version
of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” there was a predictable outrage; for man apparently, he
was the absolutely worst person on the planet to produce a new version of TMNT.

Even worse,
he hired as director, Johnathan Liebesman, the auteur of non-classics such as “Darkness Falls,” “Battle: Los Angeles” and “Wrath of the Titans,” who one critic
said of him, that he was the director you’re forced to hire to make your film when
absolutely everyone else turns you down. People were expecting the worst, and from the
reviews so far they got it.

And despite really horrible reviews, and the fact that the film was held until the
very last minute for advance media screenings – always a sign of trouble – the
film grossed $65 million this weekend, beating out last week’s No.1 film “The Guardians
of the Galaxy.”

Not really
surprised, because I figured that TMNT would attract a huge crowd of
kids, nerds and nostalgia buffs and, of course, there’s that Michael Bay
hypnosis at work. But the bad word of mouth will certainly guarantee a huge
drop off the following week of some 60%, or perhaps even more, as with several
other films this summer.

But it may
not matter, since Paramount announced this morning that they’re going ahead full steam
with a TMNT sequel for 2016, with Michael Bay returning as producer. So you’ll
have another chance to say you hate him before going to see his movie.

As I
previously stated, “Guardians” came in second place with $41 million, with a 56%
drop in the box office, but the film has made nearly $176 million to date domestically.

Luc Besson’s “Lucy” also continues to be a late summer b.o. sleeper hit, coming in 5th
place, with $9.3 million, and just under $100 million to date.

The other
three major releases this Friday – “Into the Storm,” and “The Hundred Foot Journey,” which
was executive produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, and “Step Up 5,” made
$18 million, $11.2 million and $6.6 million respectively.

However the
James Brown bio-pic, “Get On Up,” is evidently not appealing to audiences, taking a
huge 63% drop from last week, earning only $5 million this weekend.

1)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Par. $65,000,000 –
2 Guardians of the Galaxy BV $41,531,000 Total: $175,922,000
3) Into The Storm WB $18,015,000 
4) The Hundred-Foot Journey BV $11,123,000 
5) Lucy Uni. $9,331,000 -Total: $97,354,000 $40 3
6) Step Up All In LG/S $6,575,000 –
7) Hercules Par. $5,700,000 Total: $63,461,000 $100
8) Get On Up Uni. $5,012,000 Total: $22,927,000 –
9) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Fox $4,400,000  Total: $197,834,000
10) Planes: Fire & Rescue BV $2,419,000  Total: $52,950,000  
11)The Purge: Anarchy Uni. $2,299,000 Total: $68,547,000  
12) Boyhood IFC $2,089,000 Total: $10,652,000

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Up In The Balcony

"You're a glutton for punishment… I told you, LEAVE SERGIO ALONE!" … "Pleeezzz, not today because I bring good tidings"

[Black Statler and Black Waldorf (the two ol' fools up in the balcony) are discussing the possible ramifications of barging in on Sergio's post. Waldorf believes it's risky business but Statler thinks it's all good because he's bringing gifts to the writer. Soooo…]

Waldorf: Is Sergio gonna have to bar you from the neighborhood – AGAIN!?
Statler: That's old news… besides, he did not bar me, he threatened me.
Waldorf: Call it what you want but everyone saw that pitiful display of you begging and pleading for his forgiveness.

[Statler, feeling a wee bit embarrassed, lashes back. He grabs his groin area]

Statler: Is that right… here, plead on this.
Waldorf: See there, your silly sex jokes is exactly why Sergio kicked yo a$$ out of the forum.
Statler: No it's not. We just had a simple misunderstanding.
Waldorf: OH… is that what you called it? Well, if my memory serves me well — and it's a little old — I believe you suggested Sergio was a …
Statler: STOOOOOP!!!
Waldorf: Ohhhhh, so you're agreeing that what you said was "inappropriate" …and you groveled back in an attempt to seek forgiveness, just like a whipped dog who had sh*t on the families new carpet, huh?
Statler: Well, anyway, today I bring good news. Listen, that guy Harland pi**ed me off.
Waldorf: Harland pissed YOU off… splain dat.
Statler: Well, although Sergio and I have not always seen eye-to-eye, it just irks me off when people like Harland come here (slummin') and fail to understand Sergio's tongue-n-cheek writing style. Those accustom to this hood has heard Sergio say "I am not a journalist. If you want "journalism"… go read the Huffington Post", but Harland must have missed that as he was trolling for black blogs.
Waldorf: But why are you so upset?
"Well, I think I am just as pi$$ed-off at S&A's regular readers'
"Now what?"
"Well, is it me, am I the only one who notices that when Sergio is dragged through the mud, the only one who constantly comes to his rescue–and supports him–is Carl. Now that just ain't right. Without Sergio's input, this blog, on many occasions can be found in the Intensive Care Unit, on life support.


You hear that people are going to see a James Brown Biopic. You hear that people hate Michael Bay. Talk is cheap, and kids will watch anything.


Sergio, congrats.

This "article" of yours clearly shows why so many people hate film bloggers. From now on it'll be used as an example. And yes, you are a film blogger, not a film journalist. Journalist are people who actually know the difference between "opinions" and "facts".

The fact that you basically attack a filmmaker personally (like a dumb teenager) says a lot more about you than the guy you're talking about. Seriously, are you so desperate? So mad that there are many people out there who appreciate Bay as a filmmaker and support his movies?

And don't act stupid. Don't ask lame "Hypnosis" questions. You know very well that Bay has a huge fan base and that a lot of people go to his movies exactly because of him. Why the hell do you think they always use "From director Michael Bay" or "From producer Michael Bay"? Why his name is all over the place in trailers and posters? Because his name alone can sell a movie. How many other filmmakers can do that, Ser…gio?

Oh and yes, the sooner you stop acting like reviews and critics matter in this day and age, the better. For you. It's absolutely hilarious that there are still blind sheep out there who use a crappy site like Rotten Tomatoes as some sort of indicator of whether a movie is 'good' or 'bad'.

Anyway, keep talking about reviews and critics, Ser…gio. While you're at it millions and millions of people all over the globe are supporting Bay's projects, which of course guarantees that he'll be making more and more movies in the future.

So, who's actually winning in this situation, Ser-gio? The guy who writes moronic, childish crap like "he’s always got this smug smirk that you just want to smack off his face", or the guy who constantly puts asses in seats and stands as one of the most powerful and successful filmmakers of all time?

Yeah, that's rhetorical.


Let's be serious, do you honestly think the vast majority of people know who Michael Bay is? Most people are not that hip when it comes to directors and that is certainly not a factor of why they see a film.


This is one "geek" who had no intention of seeing ninja turtles. Can't believe it didn't bomb.


Sergio you haven't figure out why Michael Bay movies make so much money it's because most of the audience are not critical thinkers, can be manipulated by branding, this is all part of a strategy a long time in the making to make the audience into robots with dollars you can no what to expect from most of the time. You can just look at this website on the articles, it's predictable which articles get the most comments and which that don't and this is suppose to be a website of film lovers, so just imagine the general public that are not film lovers and you can understand why Michael Bay movies make so much money. The best films being made are outside the us, a good example of the us audience , a film like snow piercer can barley get to the 10 million dollars mark at the box office but this garbage and the other garbage like it make almost a 100 million in a weekend.


Get On Up, had no business coming out in the summer.

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