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Where Is Nikki Finke?

Where Is Nikki Finke?

Nikki Finke has stopped writing her blog. Still at the top of, the new blog launched in June, is her August 11 Robin Williams “exclusive.” Two weeks later, she has not posted any explanation for why she has gone silent. This has lead to widespread speculation in Hollywood, and over at the site she founded, Deadline, real fear. She sold Deadline in 2009 to Penske Media Corporation, which in turn bought Variety for $25 million in 2012. Relations between Finke and Jay Penske went downhill from there. So where’s Nikki?
The answer is that she has been deep in settlement talks with Penske. Kate Arthur of Buzzfeed wrote one story about their talks, followed by The New York Times. But Hollywood has been silent. 
The word on the street: that Finke was seeking to hang onto the apartment she had been given by Penske, and was holding out for a check. And she may have to accept a ten-year non-compete clause. The real arbitration wasn’t going to take place until mid-November. So what’s everyone waiting for?

The settlement has not yet been reached. Hollywood is holding its collective breath, wondering if they can heave sighs of relief that they won’t have to worry about hearing that singularly threatening voice on the line again. But in truth Finke’s solo site was not shivering any timbers. She seemed defanged.

The real angst is being felt at Variety and Deadline, whose employees are quite anxious that they might have to work with Finke again. She could write about Hollywood again under Penske’s umbrella. I somehow doubt that she will get back into the industry fray. Been there done that. I don’t have the sense that she was particularly thrilled with being back online–she put no effort into selling ads, clearly–presumably because she knew she would be in legal talks. Posting again was more about tweaking Penske into making the financial settlement she felt she was due.

The millionaire blogger could come back, if she so desires, and write online about topics other than Hollywood, if she or anyone else were interested. Or write for magazines (she has met with Graydon Carter). Or finish her book. (Her last one on Hollywood power agencies was never published.) Or she could relax and enjoy the world, nurture her fragile health, and travel. She doesn’t need the money. She has nothing to prove. She changed the business of covering Hollywood for good. And that she can take to the bank.

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She's yesterday's news. Why would Penske pay her off to stop reporting on Hollywood? She couldn't compete anymore. She can't produce enough daily material to keep people checking back every day. She's constantly taking vacations for her diabetes treatments and other maladies. Just cut her loose. Even her book is going to tank, because she won't appear in her bloated state on television to promote it. She won't even do the rounds of bookstores. What's she going to do? Radio promotion?


She's clearly in hiding after the unflattering pics of her leaving her apartment leaked online…


She danced like no one was watching.


I have information from a reliable source that Nikki lives comfortably in the guest house of a close friend in Bel Air. By day, she lives the quiet, unassuming life of a showbiz veteran, with relaxing daily visits to Whole Foods and Urth Cafe. By night, she becomes the BatFinke, and wears cleavage-revealing skintight leather while fighting crime of the streets of Los Angeles.


Where is Nikki Finke. Thankfully gone….and forgotten.


I know a lot of people like Finke for a lot of reasons and so be it. My observations of her, especially on her new web-site was that she was very, very angry, very dysfunctional, confused, vindictive and I could go on and on. She reminded me of Lenny Bruce when he got himself all entangled legally and became so obsessed with it and his adversaries that that was all he ranted about. It finally killed him as that kind of toxic obsession with your so-called perceived enemies so often does. I wish her well, but hope she gravitates to a more spiritual outlook to the world and the people in it. As the great one said, if you stare into the abyss it stares back and be careful in fighting monsters in that you too can become one!

Sir Farts a Lot

Nikki is the cream of the crop, a trailblazer, the gold standard, and every other hyperbolic cliche about excellence and awesomeness that there is.

Long Live the Queen!


Deadline is nothing more than a political friend/mouthpiece for the industry now.

Forty Deuce

Where's Nikki . . her writing is intense and most needed.


If she changes careers, I want Nikki to be my Manager.


Deadline sees to have far fewer updates each day. What happened to all their news?


The main issue is she never watches movies. You can't be snarky about movies if you're not informed. She watches a few cable shows and that's it.


I've heard scuttle that she was about to write the Sony – Chapter II post that would have cost multiple senior execs their high-paid roles. Perhaps Sony hush money and the Penske settlement added up to a little sabbatical…/ We hope she returns with no defanging…


"She changed the business of covering Hollywood for good".

And hence, this is the very reason why her readers enjoy her work. She wrote like no one else would dare to. No one else has her set of balls. Someone has to speak as frank as she does about Hollywood. I'm tired of reading PR-approved articles. I just want the facts, sprinkled with a fair amount of snark and cynicism. Is that too much to ask for?


I miss her. She was honest, at least, something rare in journalism today at all, Hollywood notwithstanding. Harsh, yes, snarky, absolutely. But honest.

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