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Why Is ‘Love Is Strange’ Rated R?

Why Is 'Love Is Strange' Rated R?

We we’re actually planning a more extensive post on this very question tomorrow, but Slate beat us to it, and did a very good job at it too:

To steal a phrase from a colleague, Love Is Strange is, in comparison, as clean as a Mr. Rogers episode. Yes, there are a few stray curse words, but nothing that warrants more than a PG-13. Truly R-worthy offences are otherwise absent: There is no nudity, no sex, no skull-bashing or violence of any kind—unless you consider the (unfortunately realistic) situation of gay couple being forced out of job and home for registering their relationship with the state to be a form of violence.

So we’ll direct you over to them for further reading, and note we second every single thing they say. The MPAA is being absolutely ridiculous with this judgement, and we hope you go see ‘Love is Strange’ this weekend despite it. And if you’re not of age — get yourself a fake ID (and if you’re a theater owner — we strongly encourage you to look the other way).

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Sir Farts A Lot

First of all, no one under the age of 50 wants to see this shizzzit anyway.

Secondly, the image of Lithgow kissing Molina should carry a trigger warning.

Thirdly, no one give a damn.



Kevin Tostado

Unfortunately, the only reason the MPAA provides for giving its R rating is "language." Can you provide a breakdown of the number of f**ks and other words that might merit the rating to see if they are using the same criteria for this film as other R-rated or PG-13 dramas?

Steven Millan

Within the last 46 existence as a film ratings board,the MPAA has truly done some strange and questionable things in giving film ratings to certain films(when it comes to on-screen violence,sexuality,and certain themes),with some films such this one and THE BREAKFAST CLUB rated R just for the use of the F word when they're actually just harmless films for anyone to watch and attend.

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