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Winona Ryder Cast In David Simon’s New HBO Miniseries

Winona Ryder Cast In David Simon's New HBO Miniseries

Is this a dream or is Winona Ryder finally getting a role worthy of her that we can actually get excited about? Sure, her 2 minutes in “Black Swan” were fun to watch, but it’s been a good decade since someone has given Ryder the opportunity to shine. And who better than David Simon — the man behind the glory that was “The Wire” — to change that?

THR is reporting that Ryder has been cast in Simon’s upcoming six hour miniseries “Show Me a Hero.” Based on the non-fiction book by Lisa Belkin, the series will center on Nick Wasicsko — the mayor of a midsize American city who is “faced with a federal court order that says he must build a small number of low-income housing units in the white neighborhoods of his town.”

Ryder will play Vinni Restiano, “the Yonkers councilwoman and confidante to Wasicsko who lost her seat after her housing vote, only to stage a comeback four years later and wins as City Council president.” And whose playing Wasicsko? It’s already been announced, but that’s no reason to be less excited: Oscar fucking Isaac, more or less the most beautiful, talented man alive.

Noni and Llewyn Davis in an HBO miniseries directed by the man behind “The Wire”!? IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER.

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Wire Hanger

Note the subtle (but horrible) racism (of diminished expectations) inherent in the way Simon describes his show: low-income housing in WHITE area — not "affluent" era.

We (that is most of us besides Simon) are long past the point where we want to see a show that revolves around the notion that blacks are a white man's burden that need to be subsidized and coddled, and dream of living in an almost exclusively white area. Instead we (blacks and whites alike) want shows the deal with the true causes that are keeping most honest working people — black, white, hispanic, whatever — down.

Alas, Simon doesn't want to do that because it would require him to give up his worship of politicians, and aquire at least a moderate understanding of economics. Simon is one of the most over-rated writers around — which is why he is trying so hard to cast his new show with people who will call attention to this project, since the premise (in this day and age, especially given how the economy is still doing so bad for everyone except Wall Street) is pretty "really, is that all ya got?" and the writing quality will probably match it.

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