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Cronenberg’s Cannes Winner ‘Maps to the Stars’ Takes Focus World Route, Skips Oscars

Cronenberg's Cannes Winner 'Maps to the Stars' Takes Focus World Route, Skips Oscars

Julianne Moore can kiss goodbye to any hopes she was nursing for an Oscar campaign for David Cronenberg’s Cannes Best Actress winner “Maps to the Stars,” which is set to play Toronto and New York festivals. Canadian distributor eOne was going to distribute the film stateside, but it has now sold U.S. rights not to Universal specialty distributor Focus Features–the arm that would handle an Oscar effort–but Focus World, their digital distribution arm, which plans an early 2015 release.

The entertaining satire of Hollywood boasts a strong cast including Cronenberg fave Rob Pattinson, who canoodles on screen with both an anxiety-ridden movie star (Moore) and the troubled daughter (Mia Wasikowska) of psychotherapist/coach to the stars (John Cusack) and his wife (Olivia Williams), who manages his son’s career. Ordinarily you would expect this to have a strong theatrical release, but this kind of movie does well on VOD, with smaller marketing costs.

Co-financed by Entertainment One (eOne) and Prospero Pictures, “Maps to the Stars” was produced by Prospero’s Martin Katz, SBS Productions’ Saïd Ben Saïd and Michel Merkt. Sentient Entertainment’s Renee Tab and eOne’s Benedict Carver executive-produced the film., which eOne Films International will directly distribute in Canada, the U.K., and Australia and New Zealand.

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Why the hell would they do that? To the Cannes-Best Actress-winning star in a highly acclaimed performance and to an auteur like Cronenberg? Anne, could you please give us some more insight? What is your source that they won't give it a qualifying run?


Anne, love to know why they bailed on it so quick after it having a good run. I don't buy the notion The a Rover did bad so we pulled this movie. Was it the topic or it wasn't good enough?


I agree with last one, Marion Cotillard should win that Oscar along brilliant performance in Two Days One Night.




I can't say I'm surprised. I love Cronenberg, but this is out-there material and I've seen a number of high profile critics who are die-hard Cronenberg fans say that this is his worst film in almost two decades.


I'd be surprised if they didn't at least slip the movie into a theater deep in the valley for a week so it qualifies, especially with a release date of January or February. It's a trick that distributors are using to get Oscar qualification without having to spend the big money on ads. Remember that ALONE YET NOT ALONE song nomination brouhaha last year? The was one example. They dumped it in the valley for a week so that it qualified. It's a low cost hedge for the studio .


How do you know they don't plan an Oscar qualification release? That's what the should do.


Just another film for the junk pile. This director is far from great in my book. Pattinson will have a hard time trying to get a huge success like Twilight. The chemical combination of him with Stewart was a rare thing. Cronenberg on the other hand makes raunchy smut films with violence and sex . Not entertaining at all. So long as RPatz sticks with this guy, he will come up loosing again. Dirty films are a thing of the past. But then when your talent lies behind the zipper , this is what you get.



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