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Focus World Picks Up David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps To The Stars’ For 2015 Release, Might Be VOD-Only

Focus World Picks Up David Cronenberg's 'Maps To The Stars' For 2015 Release, Might Be VOD-Only

With strong reviews out of the Cannes Film Festival (read ours), appearances at the Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival on the horizon, and an imminent U.K. release (check out the trailer), you might think that it would be a priority for eOne to get David Cronenberg‘s “Maps To The Stars” into theaters stateside ASAP. But it appears that’s not the case. In fact, the distributor has handed the movie off to Focus World, which means you’ll be waiting a lot longer to see this film, and it may not even be on a big screen near you.

Screen Daily reports whatever awards season chances “Maps To The Stars” might’ve had (three time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore won Best Actress in Cannes for her turn in the movie) have been snuffed out, as the film won’t be released in the U.S. until early 2015. What’s more, Focus World —an arm of Universal’s mini-major Focus Features— might just be giving the film “an ancillary-only release” (meaning VOD and home video, and we’d wager probably a day-and-date release). But the question is why the change in distributors and release plans?

Our guess is that eOne looked at what happened with A24 and the release of Robert Pattinson‘s other Cannes movie, “The Rover,” earlier this year and decided to pass. That Aussie thriller came off the Croisette with just as much hype as ‘Maps’ only to earn a meagre $1.8 million at the box office (it effectively tanked the moment it went wide). So as much as he dominates celebrity headlines and blogs, Pattinson isn’t putting butts into theater seats. And frankly, neither is Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moore or John Cusack. And that’s not to mention that Cronenberg’s “Cosmpolis” didn’t cross $1 million at U.S. box office. eOne probably did the math and didn’t like the numbers.

That being said, we are surprised that a strong limited arthouse release isn’t even being considered, because the aforementioned stars do certainly interest a very strong niche audience, as does Cronenberg. Hopefully Focus World will put the movie up on the big screen somewhere next year, even if it’s just New York and Los Angeles. But for now, if you want to see that movie the way Cronenberg intended, you might need to hustle a ticket to one of the festival screenings (or book a flight to the U.K. where it opens on September 26th).

In the meantime, here’s four international clips, but they are dubbed in German which isn’t ideal. But still, new footage from the film, right?

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I'm late to comment as I didn't know about this article earlier.
Actors don't put butts into seats unless they play in mainstream movies, period. If Rob Pattinson would've played in Magic Mike or 22 Jump Street he would've filled theatres but it's like David Cronenberg said during promo for Cosmopolis: many actors don't want to play edgy parts or ugly themselves for a role. They are too concerned about their image.
Obviously Pattinson isn't and by playing in uncompromising, bleak movies he takes the risk that not all his fans will follow his choices. Same for Guy Pearce and a lot of brave actors who are not willing to make a career out of solely blockbusters.
Instead of blaming them for poor box office numbers they should be praised for prefering art to money.


Reading about the comments of "Maps to the Stars", Do you really think Julianne Moore had a change for THAT film? Sorry for break the bubble -And yes, Sasha Stone was delusional-, but there was more likely to see Melissa McCarthy nominated for "Tammy" than her at the Oscars.

Yes, she was splendid, but also countless of other critical acclaimed actresses in controversial films. The film is pure Cronenberg and took a terrible image of Hollywood in a satirical drama. They never went with Cronenberg in his style, only when he makes "mainstream" films -A History of Violence/Eastern Promises- and still AMPAS rejected him in some categories. I know people will bring "But Amour was nominated". "Amour" was the IT film of the year, with undeniable acclaim about an issue close to AMPAS members.

Maybe "Still Alice" sounds a Lifetime film, but at least it's more Oscarish on paper and they don't have perrogative to nominate these films in acting categories.


This is all about baiting for hits. Obviously a success, but, shouldn't you be above this Playlist/indiewire? Whatever happened to journalistic integrity and lessons about assumption and supposition?


Bwahahahahahahaaaaa….poor ROBSESSEDS!!!


Shame for Julianne Moore and David Cronenberg. It's her film really.


LOL. RPatz fans are pissed. Kevin, take cover.


Did Rob Pattinson steal your girlfriend or something??


A24's distribution of The Rover was amateurish and naive to say the least. And why didn't Guy Pearce put butts on seats then?? The (unpopular) truth is that Michod 'dropped the ball'. Some of the top critics objected to the lack of background and lack of dialogue in the film. This caused RT score to be lower than it should have been. Some critics like Peter Bradshaw only like verbal spewing and of course bradshaw has never liked guy pearce. Michod himself during promo was saying tgat the mkvie was all about the performances.
But Pattinson has only a very small part in MTTS It's Julianne's 'carry'. Anyway I smell a Hollywood rat. They don't want this film in theatres.


See your true colours again Kevin. We KNOW you have a soft spot for Miss Stewart! Does Ruth Bernstein pay you ?
But you're not a director or a producer so she won't touch you with a barge pole. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Mr C

Can the five remaining Twihards that are trolling on here f–k off once and for all, please?

Anyway, this sucks. Hollywood blacklisting actors telling the truth about Gaza (yes, I went there) and now a film that dares to call out the industry, guess censorship is alive and well. God bless Amurrica.



Reality Check

The Rover was never going to be a mainstream film. It's a bleak tragedy, and those kinds of films never put butts in the seats. It has nothing to do with Pattinson's popularity. If people would pay to see him in the cheesy Twilight franchise, they'll pay to see him in other 'safe' choices (and MTTS is not a safe choice, it's another edgy film).

Pattinson isn't going for that kind of career, he's choosing to work with auteur directors on purpose. And he's not the star of Maps, it's an ensemble piece, heading by Mia Wasikowski, Julianne Moore and John Cusack. So if you want to lay blame, try looking elsewhere, it has nothing to do with Pattinson. A24 badly miscalcucated, that's not his fault.

He's chosen to do some more mainstream material with DeNiro in Idol's Eye and with Cumberbatch in The Lost City of Z. After those have their runs, take another look at his ability to attract an audience.

Team Jacob



With such manipulative article you should change your job and write for celebrity gossip mags.Congratulations.


"Pattinson isn't putting butts into theater seats. And frankly, neither is Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moore or John Cusack."

Just ask regular folks on the street and see if they want to go to theaters to see movies of anyone mentioned here, you have your answer.


I can't believe you blame Robert Pattinson for that… He's in business for like five minutes and has a small role in the movie unlike Julianne with her strong acting resume and Cannes best actress win, or David Cronenberg who's been doing movies for decades. Most likely, the movie doesn't appeal to wide audience as it happened with most of Cronenberg's movies in the past and distributors chose less risky path.


This is absurd. I'll leave it like that.

Julianne Moore and Bruce Wagner's script deserved better.


The obvious point is the Academy's historic lack of interest in anything outside of the lines or potentially divisive. This is film with a lot of stars and a top director. The distribution speculation, and speculation is all this is, should focus on the white bread academy and it's internal, self defined limitations and prejudices. Now that would be some interesting journalism.


Instead of focusing on Robert Pattinson, who's probably in the movie for all of 10 minutes, why are you not up in arms over this terrible injustice to Julianne Moore?!?


I think people are taking this a little too personally. Yes, it's a real shame Moore likely won't have the chance to compete, but at the end of the day, it's a business like any other and they must feel that this route is the best chance it has at making money. Moore's other film might be picked up after TIFF and the subject matter (a professor suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease) might be more palatable to awards voters. She also has some other very baity roles coming up. Her day will come!


Whoa, I didn't even realize that Robert Pattinson was in Maps to the Stars. This is really screwed up though where Julianne is concerned. This is one of our greatest living actresses who is long overdue for her Academy Award and these guys raise their hand for her picture and are just going to bury it? The hell?
I don't know, I think filmmakers should be wary of distributors like that. I was looking forward to this picture. Focus could have really ridden the Oscar wave on this one and maintained the same release dates albeit in a limited release. Now, if it even gets released, trust I'll have probably forgotten about it.


What is the budget of the movie ?


Scroll down and read my first comment. And I wrote 'actor' not 'actress'.
I don't even understand why people try to find excuses. Playlist gave a possible reason, that's it.


I have been saying this all along. No one listens to the public. How is it the public can predict how a movie will perform before its even in the theaters. I said that The Rover would bomb back last year and it did same for MTTS that it should go to VOD. Oh and I will never pay to watch a never A24 film.


2 hours, 15 minutes, 2 seconds etc. the amount of time isn't the issue. For me the issue is the actor. It may interest others but obviously not enough people. Not me.


Kristen stewart fans alaways here, the cheater is so boring for you ? I understand


So playlist for you Moore, Pattinson, Wasikowska don't put butt in the seat ? I'm not agree but each his opinions


Maps didn't have strong reviews coming out of Cannes. They were mixed, with a RT # currently sitting at a whopping 56%. This is a smart business decision. Who can blame them after how terribly Pattinson's other movies have flopped. The movie isn't going to make much of a dent at the box office. Julianne is a fine actress but I think an Oscar campaign for this movie would be futile.


You should at least make an attempt at hiding your bias. Robert Pattinson's the Rover…Hmm, are you aware that Guy Pearce was also in that movie, or does that little fact not support your agenda? As for MTTS, again are you aware that Robert Pattinson is only in that movie for about 15 minutes? Of course you are aware of all of the above…They just do not support the hack job you wanted to do on Robert Pattinson. Congrats.

Ryan Sartor

That would be a real shame if one of our greatest living directors didn't get a theatrical release on this one. I'm hoping NY and LA at least.

Jacob Greenberg

Julianne Moore always does fine work but during Cannes, the focus was all on Pattinson even though he's only in the movie for about 10-15 minutes. They were trying to use his face to create buzz for the movie and attract attention but what they failed to realize is that his buzz has died down significantly ever since the Twilight series ended two years ago. The distributors for The Rover made the same fatal mistake and it cost them. The movie completely tanked because they were using the wrong person to promote. If you want to promote a movie about gritty, post-apocalyptic violence, you use Guy Pearce, not Edward Cullen.

I do hope Focus World will release this movie stateside in at least two theaters so it can be garner some award consideration for Julianne because she really did do a splendid job in this movie. So did the always-dry Mia Wasikowska; she was fantasticm and Evan Bird. John Cusack and Robert Pattinson were the weak points.


Shame for Julianne Moore only. Not interested in the rest.


Talking smack about Chris Nolan really was the nail in the coffin for Cronenberg's career wasn't it? Shame.


    “Talking smack about Chris Nolan really was the nail in the coffin for Cronenberg’s career wasn’t it?” Oh, please. He wasn’t dissing Nolan, just wasn’t a drooling fan. I hardly think that’s what’s affecting his career.


So I'm not the only one thinking that. Thank you.
'So as much as he dominates celebrity headlines and blogs, Pattinson isn't putting butts into theater seats.' Sorry for Julianne Moore, her work is superb but put that vampire in the equation and it tanks. It's better for her to stay away. She'll have other chances, she's a great actress, her time will come.


The Rover really didn't have that much buzz. Reactions to it ranged from tepid to fine.


Can you really blame Robert Pattinson for this decision? He's in the movie for about 15 minutes? Seems a bit silly and unfair. The movie got mixed reviews out of Cannes and DC's last few movies have not done well in theaters. Also, Moore was/is not a sure spot for an Oscar nomination in Supporting or Lead.

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