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Project of the Day: ‘Sky Line’

Project of the Day: 'Sky Line'

Here’s your daily dose of an indie film in progress — at the end of the week, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favorite.

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Sky Line

Tweetable Logline: In 1979, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel about an elevator to space. This is the story of the people who intend to build it.

Elevator Pitch: Driven by mankind’s inherent urge to explore, and often by a desire to make the world a better place, a group of scientists and entrepreneurs endeavor to build an elevator to space. From attending various scientific gatherings, to covering NASA’s high-stakes Space Elevator Games, we got to know the major players and watch their successes and struggles, both personal and professional. What happens when egos and passions collide?

Production Team: 
Jonny Leahan – Director
Miguel Drake-McLaughlin – Director
Robert Wood – Executive Producer
Chris Guido – Editor

About the film: When we heard about this idea nearly a decade ago, it really inspired us, so about 5 years ago we started filming the key players… but to us it’s really a film about the transition between something being a sci-fi dream and people trying making it a reality — it’s about that mysterious thing that happens in between.

Current Status: In post-production.

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Pablo Narvaez

what more inspiring than seeing a fantasy made real ? Evaryone should have a dream and work on making it happen !


I want to see this movie


Very exciting!


What a cool idea! I would love to watch this.

Mari Huseby

Yes, indeed!



Taavi lehtimaki

Yes, I want to see this movie!

Sarah Greenberg

For sure!

Amanda Dwell

I want to see this! seems interesting and unique. love the music too.

Roman Godzich

Skyline sounds as awesome as those wonderful reels made in the 1950’s about how man would eventually have cities on the moon. Big fun.

Brian Lexan

definitely excited to check this one out… seems too crazy to be true but i really like the whole apporach.

Bill Drake

Yes, I want to see this movie!

Marc Zahakos

I’ve been waiting years for this film!

Matthew C. Levy

This looks like it’s going to be an incredible project! I wanna see it make Project of the Week! Let’s make it happen people! Science = power! heh

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