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Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Confirmed For Fall 2015, Will Have Widest 70mm Release In 20 Years

Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' Confirmed For Fall 2015, Will Have Widest 70mm Release In 20 Years

A press release from The Weinstein Company has reached inboxes, bringing rock solid confirmation of some good news: the studio will be releasing “The Hateful Eight,” the latest film from Quentin Tarantino, the filmmaker’s ninth, in a little over a year.

Having come close to dropping the project when the script leaked at the start of this year, Tarantino’s now preparing for a January shoot for the project, and the press release confirms the news from the recent teaser trailer that the film will be released in the fall of 2015.

Most intriguingly, the film, which Tarantino has long-touted would be filmed in large format, will apparently receive ‘the widest 70mm release in over 20 years’ (we think the last to get a similar roll-out was Ron Howard‘s “Far & Away“). For anyone who loves film, that can only be a good thing. With a January start date, we’ll likely hear confirmation on casting at some point: Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth and Walton Goggins were among those who took place in the recent live-read, while more recently Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Rachel Wood, Geena Davis and Hilary Swank were rumored to be involved.

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It’s doubtful there will be a large 70mm rollout for this in spite of the hype. "Insterstellar" is going to play in standard 5-perf 70mm in just 9 theaters in the U.S. (and additional theaters playing the 70mm 15-perf IMAX version.) And those theaters are scrambling to get equipment in place. Three of them are getting equipment from the personal collection of an industry consultant.

But if they can take the 70mm (actually 65mm) negative and scan it in 6K or 8K for the digital presentations, those will look quite good.

Back in the Dolby 70mm days, the prime reason for 70mm prints (which were mainly blowups from 35mm) was for the 6-track magnetic sound. Once digital came in that was no longer necessary. And 70mm prints today carry DTS digital sound, not 6-track mag, so there’s no audio advantage over either digital or 35mm.

Since "Far and Away", aside from IMAX 70mm, there have been only four films shot in 65mm: "Baraka" in ’93, "Hamlet" in ’96, and "Samsara" and "The Master" in 2012. "Samsara" was never actually shown anywhere in 70mm. When I saw "The Master" in 70mm in NYC, the print looked like crap. Be careful what you wish for.

There aren’t a lot of people left working for theaters who know how to prep the print and projectors and properly show a 70mm print. Chances are that many of these theaters are going to heavily damage the prints on the first day.


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the coveted 18-35 male movie-going demographic says

70 MM!?!? AWESOME, dude! That will look great on my ipad!!!!


Might as well carve hieroglyphs into stone tablets and show that…no one gives a f*** about analog film…cinema is digital now…I'll bet this crap film will be digitized for…pay cable, vod, dvd, etc….lol…when you show these posers money they lose all that film is film stupidity…lol


Weinstein: "I have to just choose movies that aren't violent or as violent as they used to be." Right, Harvey. That last long.

Jo Diggs

This sounds like a good plan to me dude.

Brendan Gray

Doesn't Christopher Nolan (of Batman, Inception, etc.) also shoot in 70mm?


Cinerama Dome in LA still has a working 70mm projector. Will it be 6 track mag?

Beach Pillows

This mothertrucker edits/scores/colors/mixes pretty damned quickly. Says a lot about planning.


PTA's "The Master" was shot in 70mm just two short years ago.


Cinerama in Seattle, bitches!


Honestly, most theatres aren't even capable of showing 35mm anymore. It is all digital. I work as a projectionist in Chicago and one of only two theaters in the state that use 35mm and digital.


Presumably, almost every theater will show this in digital or 35mm. How many theaters are actually capable of projecting 70mm?


Hmm…this has me wondering about branding. Will IMAX show the 70mm print even though it likely won't go through their DMR process? And if so, will they brand it as "The Hateful Eight: The IMAX Experience"? I guess it'd just be "The 70mm Experience," but how many people even know what that means nowadays?


True 70MM cannot be projected digitally, so the vast majority of theaters around the world, I imagine, will still be showing it in standard Cinemascope 2.39, or a version of 70MM screen size via Imax. Only cinemas with 70MM film projectors will be able to show it as intended.

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