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Tom Hardy Says He’ll Never Do Another Romantic Comedy Again Thanks To ‘This Means War’

Tom Hardy Says He'll Never Do Another Romantic Comedy Again Thanks To 'This Means War'

Tom Hardy‘s greatest attribute is his willingness to try anything and knock it out of the park. It’s hard to believe the same actor who stormed the screen in Nicolas Winding Refn‘s “Bronson” spent 90 minutes on the phone in Steven Knight‘s “Locke.” This weekend, the actor plays a weary Brooklynite in “The Drop,” and on the horizon he’s got roles ranging from badass post-apocalyptic warrior in next summer’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” to Stalin-era soldier in “Child 44.” Hardy mixes genres and characters with ease, but there’s one thing you won’t see him again anytime soon: a romantic comedy.

Coming between “Warrior” and “Lawless,” the actor reached for the studio rom-com ring with “This Means War,” directed by McG and co-starring Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon. Met with dreadful reviews, the movie actually legged it out to a $150 million worldwide take (thank you international audiences), but was considered a flop overall. And Hardy has crossed that genre off his list.

“I love to do things I hadn’t done before,” Hardy told USA Today, before describing his experience making “This Means War.” “I didn’t understand how you could do something which is so much fun and be so miserable doing it. I probably won’t do a romantic comedy again, do you know what I mean?”

But don’t be too bummed. Hardy leaves the door open that with the right director, he’d try it again.

“So you won’t do mine?” “The Drop” director Michael B. Roskam interjected.

“With you, it would be different!” Hardy replied.

But if the actor never does one again, now you know why.  

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Tom Hardy is a brilliant actor and changes characters to suit the roles perfectly. He is capable of bringing characters to life no matter how bad the script it. Tom rules in my books :)


I have a feeling, when he was on the rehab about ten years ago, he would have been glad if he would have got an offer for a film like TMW, which was infantile enough, but really entertaining.


The guy is the real deal, mega talent


What did he expect with McG? It's a bit disingenuous on his part to walk open-eyed into an McG film and then diss it as if the badness of it all was a revelation. And for the record – Chris Pine made that movie. Tom Hardy was uncharacteristically whitebread and colorless in it.


Notice that everyone who says they love this movie only really love it because Tom's in it. They never have anything great to say about the movie itself. They just go on about how hot and set he looked, or that the movie introduced them to Tom. All very silly reasons. The man is mega-talented. To wax poetic about a crappy movie like TMW (a movie that he admits was crappy) is almost an insult to his talent. You only need to watch his other films to see that he is so much better than this mess of a script, and one piss poor excuse for a director.


"With you, it would be different!" That's the point. He could make another rom-com but wouldn't make another movie, regardless of its genre, with McG.


Tom Hardy making romcoms is akin to a 3 star Michelin chef working at Starbucks. However, everyone I know who saw This Means War loved it and said it was very funny so no damage done as far as audiences are concerned. And Tom looked SO handsome and sexy as Tuck! The movie brought him another huge wave of new female (and male) fans, so smart move in fact.


Most people don't want to do another movie after working with McG. It's understandable Mr. Hardy.


I think he'll be ok. He's got a lot of options. haha

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