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Washington Post Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson Reportedly Set To Join NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’

Washington Post Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson Reportedly Set To Join NBC’s 'Meet The Press'

It’s being
reported that Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
Nia-Malika Henderson, will be joining NBC’s “Meet The Press” as a regular, when the
new revamped program begins this Sunday, with its new moderator, Chuck Todd.

who, for a while, was the only black reporter for the political website Politico,
joined the Post in 2010, and shortly afterwards became a familiar presence on
MSNBC as a political analyst and pundit.

She will
reportedly become of one of the show’s new regular panelists, discussing current
events of the day in the network’s attempt to attract new viewers to MTP,  after it suffered a terrible ratings slide, with the show’s recently dumped former host David Gregory.

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Jessie Wray

I’m glad to see some people of color on the national news political format. But is she allowed to bring more flavor to the conversation or to bring some color to the CNN political set ????


She doesn't even look black


Another affirmative action choice by the BET…….errrrrrrr…..NBC. Let's see, if every black person tunes in, including the ones in prison, this'll be a home run. 12% of the population. Let that sink in, blacks are 12% of the population. But like any spoiled child, they need 100% of our attention. Oh snap! A dose of reality. Let the black supremacist comments pour out……m


Thank goodness. I stopped watching MTP because they had the same one-sided Caucasian panelist on every week and John "Always Wrong" McCain way too often. Also, the first time they had Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore City on and she responded to a question very differently than the other panelist, David Gregory, Andrea Mitchell and I believe Chuck Todd's response was as if there were crickets in the room. Nia-Malika is a great choice! Congratulations to her. I guess light is penetrating NBC. Too bad they gutted Ann Curry before they realized that.




Mark and Darla

Oh my god! She fit the character in my screenplay perfectly who is a black female Washington Post Reporter.

Regina Valdez

If I have the right person, your comments about Mrs Trump and her speech were stupid and uncalled for. She did a fabulous job last night. She did not hesitate or forget anything. She was wonderful.You need to be more respectful.

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