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Watch: First Clip From ‘Still Alice’ With Julianne Moore & Kristen Stewart, Film Enters Oscar Race With Fall Release

Watch: First Clip From ‘Still Alice' With Julianne Moore & Kristen Stewart, Film Enters Oscar Race With Fall Release

We tried to be a little diplomatic. With the release of “Maps To The Stars” being pushed to 2015 and likely getting a VOD release, Julianne Moore’s Oscar chances as such are less likely, even though she won Best Actress out of Cannes for the David Cronenberg film. Thompson on Hollywood was a little bit more blunt: “Julianne Moore can kiss goodbye to any hopes she was nursing for an Oscar campaign for…Cronenberg’s… ‘Maps to the Stars.’” While a mooted awards season qualifying run would not matter much, things are looking up for Julianne Moore as of last night. Sony Picture Classics has picked up her Toronto International Film Festival film “Still Alice,” co-starring Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart, and will release the movie as an awards contender this fall.

Based on the book by Lisa Genova, the film tells the story of an accomplished Columbia professor, mother and wife, who becomes stricken with early onset Alzheimer’s. And while we had issues with the film itself (read our review), we did note that “Moore gets the showcase part, and does her usually strong work with it.” Of course, whether it will be able to make the grade in the always competitive awards season, we’ll just have to see.

No exact release date has been revealed for “Still Alice,” but Sony Pictures Classics will be adding the movie to an already impressive fall slate which includes “Whiplash,” “Foxcatcher,” “Mr. Turner” and “Leviathan.” Until then, check out the first clip from the movie below, along with some new pics.

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Paul Voorhies

Stop the insanity!!! Julianne for Best Actress 2015!!

Reality Check

Kristen Stewart fans were bugging Larry Richman on Twitter @Larry411, about her getting an Oscar for Still Alice, cause he saw it at TIFF. He finally told them she had no chance of an Oscar because her part was TOO SMALL. What he meant was that she made no impression, she was just there. Actresses have won Oscars for performances that only lasted 12 minutes. Size of part is not what counts, it’s how big of an impression they make. Julianne Moore blew her off the screen. That’s the truth.

She won’t get an Oscar nom for this, that’s a joke. She won’t be getting any nominations for anything for a very long time. She trashed her brand when she chose to cheat with the married Rupert Sanders.


"Kristen Stewart, too, is a standout, showing a depth and kindness in her character’s relationship with Alice that impressed even me, as someone who’d never quite understood her appeal before."


Lula: Krisbians for World Peace

A plea for peace! Krisbians have been embarrassing themeslves on the internet. Harrassing IFC for not putting out enough info on Camp X-Ray, attacking writers for not believing a movie with Kristen can be anything from perfect. We must stop this inane behavior if we are going to be taken seriously as keepers of the flame. If you want respect, give respect. Peace and love.


Julianne finally has another chance!! As for Stewart, the role is too small and reviews have stated that they're just a few, unshowy moments. I really think Julianne is the only thing that's going to be nominated for this film.


Still Aice is a wonderful movie. I think, JMoore deserves the nomination and so is Stewart. Both actresses were in the viewfinder at Cannes for their films. Moore for MTTS and Stewart for Clouds of Sils Maria. Stewart adds Camp X Ray and for me she in the first top for the award.

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