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Watch: William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg Discuss Drag in Exclusive ‘Burroughs’ Clip

Watch: William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg Discuss Drag in Exclusive 'Burroughs' Clip

Early next month, the New York Film Festival will host a special screening featuring a newly completed digital restoration of Howard Brookner’s third and final documentary, “Burroughs: The Movie.”

The film centers on legendary Beat Generation writer William S. Burroughs and is widely recognized as an important piece of the documentary lexicon. According to Brookner’s nephew Aaron, however, very little effort has been put toward maintaining and preserving its legacy over the years.

“Three years ago I had no idea if a decent version of Howard’s film existed, and if it would even be logistically possible to bring it back,” Aaron said in an exclusive statement to Indiewire.

“At that time, all I knew was there were faded VHS copies floating around and poor quality and uncredited versions up online. I grew up watching the movie on an old VHS. I loved the film but the quality was pretty terrible. I knew I was getting only part of the experience.”

Over the past three years, Aaron has been spearheading efforts to have the film digitally restored from a 16mm print stored in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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The NYFF screening of the film not only marks the culmination of all of Aaron’s efforts to honor his uncle’s legacy, but also happens to fall in the year that marks William Burroughs’ hundredth birthday.

“It’s a bit of a dream come true,” he said. “It’s not as great as it would be to have Howard (and Burroughs) walking among us, but it feels like the next best thing. Howard can exist for 90 minutes at a time through his work. That’s the beauty of what he created.”

Origin story aside, Burroughs and his pal Allen Ginsberg will charm you with their banter in this exclusive clip from the restored version of the film, which you can watch in full below.

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“Burroughs: The Movie” is scheduled to screen at 9pm on Thursday, October 9 at the Walter Reade Theater.

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Ella Mi Amor Orwell

Preach ^

William Hockstein

Wow way to troll the hard work somebody did out of love for their uncle with misinformation. Allen Ginsberg wasn’t a pedophile, and to disrespect the memory of Joan Vollmer by calling Burroughs murderous is despicable.

    Jim Goad

    Allen Ginsberg was a proud member of NAMBLA. That’s been extensively documented. In case you don’t know what NAMBLA stands for, it’s North American Man/Boy Love Association. He was the living, breathing definition of a pedophile.

Sir Farts A Lot

Oh, that lovable, murderous, pedophile scamp William S Burroughs! And his adorable pedophile sidekick, Allen Ginsburg! Please, where do I purchase tickets?


Yeh, let’s all celebrate the life of man who, in a drunken stupor, kills his wife in an attempt to shoot a shot glass off her head. Because that’s an example we should all follow. In fact, let’s all have a “naked lunch” and exalt stupidity and debauchery.

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