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Elle Fanning to Play Transgender Character in Multigenerational Drama

Elle Fanning to Play Transgender Character in Multigenerational Drama

One of the most moving and original aspects of Jill Soloway’s groundbreaking Amazon series Transparent is seeing a trans character’s life story play out in the context of her (troubled but functional, accepting but not-fully-understanding) family. That’s because we’re so rarely privy to nuanced parent-children narratives with trans characters on screen. 

Hopefully Three Generations will prove a worthy follow-up. Written by Nikole Beckwith and to be directed by Gaby Dellal, the multi-generational feature will focus on NYC teen Ray’s (Fanning) decision to undergo gender transition. His mother (Naomi Watts) will have to adapt to treating her only daughter as a son, and his lesbian grandmother (Susan Sarandon), will have to come to terms as well with her grandchild’s gender-identity issues. 

Transparent received some drubbing from trans activists who were angry that its lead role was played by Jeffrey Tambor, a cis actor. Going forward, trans projects will likely encounter similar criticisms, though Three Generations has a mitigating factor in that Ray is at the beginning of his physical transition into a man. Still, it’s hard not to be excited for a multigenerational project focused on sexually diverse women and transgender people with female writers and filmmakers in key roles behind the scenes. 

Filming will begin in NY in November. 

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trans activists are never happy, so I wouldn’t worry about it, makers of Transparent

Ruth Debra

That’s why it’s acting. People playing roles that are other than themselves. It’s an art and I am fine with cis playing trans, gay playing straight, straight playing gay. That’s why it’s called acting.


Why don’t actual transgender actors play transgender characters? I’m tired of seeing cis women play trans men, and cis men playing trans women.


Transgender is an adjective. When you add -ed to an adjective you make it look like a past tense verb. It kinda comes off like saying blonded people, or talled people.


Please also note that "transgendered" isn’t correct. First, it doesn’t make grammatical sense to add the "ed" because the word is an adjective and not a verb. Second, it’s just plain offensive. Please use Transgender in the future.


You don’t "become a transition." May want to double check your work next time?


"become a transition" — is this some unfortunate typo that slipped through or is that what you meant to type?

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