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Here’s How to Do Branded Content: The Weinstein Company’s Lexus Film Series Gets it Right

Here's How to Do Branded Content: The Weinstein Company's Lexus Film Series Gets it Right

Because the internet has changed the way in which audiences view content, the days of hoping audiences catch a company’s commercial outside of prime time television are numbered. In order to stand out in the cluttered marketplace, companies are turning to branded content to engage audiences.

The Weinstein Company and Lexus’ “Short Film Series” partnership proves film’s future belongs to companies that capitalize on technology and pursue innovative business relationships. Since 2013, the Lexus Short Film Series has produced high quality, branded shorts in conjunction with The Weinstein Co. to promote exceptional filmmaking and, of course, Lexus cars. It’s also an opportunity for burgeoning filmmakers to showcase their short films worldwide.

Most recently, Lexus and The Weinstein Company presented two films from up-and-coming creators Jon Goldman, Satsuki Okawa and Ken Ochiai exploring the theme “Life is Amazing.”

In “Operation Barn Owl” by  Satsuki Okawa and Ken Ochiai, “Ellen and her group of friends band together to help her best friend Jonah create a picturesque proposal for his girlfriend, even though she has unresolved feelings for him,” as per the press release.  Watch the film below. 

Take a look at Goldman’s “Market Hours” about an inattentive security guard Randall who spends more time imagining the inner lives of the vendors at the market where he works than protecting the place. A chance encounter with a starlet gives him the opportunity to speak to his crush Angela, and redeem himself as a competent security guard after a string of thefts. Watch the film below. 

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